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Life Style Advisory Board

Baihong Jin, PhD student in EECS at University of California, Berkeley; Bachelor of Science in Microelectronics from Yuanpei College, Peking University
    "I am not a master, I am 'Master King'."

Speciality: Gym, Model-based Design and Smart Grid, High Technology

Siyuan Xie, Master of Public Administration from Cornell University

"Let it go."

Speciality: Cooking, Photography 

Vivian Chong, Senior Undergraduate in International Politics and Economics at Yuanpei College, Peking University

Speciality: Fashion, Gym, Negotiation

Qimei Lai, Bachelor in Economics and Finance from University of Hong Kong; Top Scorer in 2011 College Entrance Exam at Guang Dong Province; now at BNP Paribas

Speciality: Gym, Cuisines

Sida Chen, Master Student in Engineering Management at Cornell University

"Always young, always weeping."

Speciality: Fashion, Gym, Investment


    A low-profile thinker, coder and gym enthusiast

Speciality: Gym, Photography

Dafeng Xu, PhD Candidate in Urban Planning at Cornell University, Bachelor of Science from Peking University

Speciality: Urban Economics, Urban Labor Market, Migration

Cheng Luo, PhD student in Computer Science and Former President of Student Union of Department of Computer Science, Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, Tsinghua University

Speciality: Leadership, Public Service, Jogging