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Characteristics of Gifted Learners
-Find out about the characteristics and behaviors of gifted and talented students at the Rhode Island State Advisory Committee website.  According to Dr. Linda Silverman, some of these characteristics include: extensive vocabulary, strong curiosity, intensity, wide range of interests,  vivid imagination, concern with justice, older companions, high creativity, and facility with numbers.
-Watch this youtube video made by a teacher of gifted children!

YouTube Video

What if my child is NOT identified as gifted?
Every child has strengths and interests!  Encourage your child by supporting their education and activities.  Whether your child is gifted or not, share your child's interests with teachers and find chances for your child to be with others who share his/her passions.
The book Your Child's Strengths: Discover Them, Develop Them, Use Them by Jenifer Fox discusses activity strengths, relationship strengths, and learning strengths. 

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