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Postnatal Doula


Massage, Reflexology, Reframing and Relaxation 

Helen is a mother, doula, qualified massage therapist and HypnoBirthing practitioner, with a professional background in Education and Training. 

Please contact Helen with any questions or concerns you have regarding your pregnancy, birth, or extra assistance in the home after your baby is born

Doula Services

Doula is a Greek word meaning "woman's servant" and today's doulas are trained individuals experienced in childbirth and postpartum.

 A birth doula is an individual trained and experienced in childbirth and whose role is to provide emotional, physical and even informational support and coaching to the mother-to-be before, during and immediately following childbirth.

There is a growing trend of the use of postnatal doulas, whose specialties differ from the above. A postnatal doula helps the new mother with the care of the baby and to provide information and support on such skills as eeding, sleeping, bathing, swaddling, and general help. Postnatal doulas also keep watch  for any signs of postpartum depression.

Relaxation & visualisation - Positive Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Refresh, Relax and ENJOY preganancy and motherhood.  Would you like to indulge in a massage, create positive affirmations for your pregnancy and birth or engage in deep relaxation and visualisation?  Eliminate fear, tension and negativity and stay positive and relaxed - the best state to be in for pregnancy and motherhood.


HypnoBirthing consists of a series of relaxation techniques used to help mothers decrease pain and emotional stress during childbirth without the use of drugs.

HypnoBirthing allows the mother to access a deeply relaxed state, enabling the body to work naturally through childbirth. The practice is founded in relaxation techniques and simple cues which are used to bring the mother into a deeper state of calm. The use of guided relaxation methods is also suggested.

Several university trials show a link between hypnosis therapies and a reduction in complications during childbirth. A 1990 study conducted by the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Waukesha Memorial Hospital suggested that hypnotically prepared births showed higher Apgar Scores, fewer incidents of postnatal depression, and shorter labors. The Journal of Family Practice published a study in 2001 that showed similar benefits it its specific study of adolescent pregnancies

Postnatal Doula Services

A postnatal doula offers assistance in the early weeks after your baby is born to allow you and your baby to gain the best possible opportunity for rest recuperation, feeding and bonding.

A postnatal doula MAY assist a new mother in the following ways (this is not an exhaustive list):

Light cooking and stocking the freezer

Running errands and grocery shopping

Mother and/or baby massage

Debriefing the trainsition to motherhood - providing information and contacts for other support services as required

Entertaining older siblings for short periodsto allow mother to bond with/feed new baby, or rest

Other tasks as negotiated by doula and mother


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