Doula Services in Mendocino, Lake, and Sonoma

Birth Doula
I offer complimentary phone interviews and a no obligation interview in person.
When you choose me as your doula,  I am available for unlimited phone, text and email support.  Generally, we will meet at least two times to discuss you concerns and wishes for your pregnancy and labor, as well as elementary childbirth education.  Any one who you have invited to be at the birth is welcome and encouraged to attend at least one of our prenatal visits.
I will be on call for three weeks prior to your due date until your baby arrives, usually through 42weeks.  I am available to come to you, whether meeting you in early labor or later, at your home, hospital or birth center.  I will be with you throughout your labor through your baby's arrival and an hour or more after, depending upon your needs.
A few days after the birth, I will contact you to arrange for a postpartum visit to see how everyone is doing and to offer information and support. Additional postpartum help can be arranged.

Breastfeeding and Postpartum Services
I encourage expecting women to visit with their local La Leche League chapter prior to birth for exposure and education regarding breastfeeding.  Much of the time, breastfeeding proceeds smoothly from birth but understanding the mechanisms and benefits of a nursing relationship is helpful prior to baby's arrival.  Breastfeeding is natural but it is also learned through culture.  There are times when it is challenging and having support in place can be quite helpful. 
I have experience as a breastfeeding mom, La Leche League member and am a WIC-certified Breastfeeding Counselor.  I  am providing breastfeeding counseling during initial postpartum visits for birth clients and as well as in exclusive and extended postpartum services.   I understand when it is difficult to establish and the effort that is sometimes needed, whether exclusively breastfeeding, pumping or combination feeding.
For postpartum services, I offer part-time assistance to families to ease the adjustment period that follows the arrival of the newborn.  This includes breastfeeding help, baby care and mother's postpartum care guidance.  Arrangement is by appointment.