About me and my birth philosophy

 Birth Experience and Philosophy
I support birth in hospital and out of hospital birth including those at birth centers and homebirth.   I am passionate about vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).  I see my role as one of  care, compassion and respectful advocacy, as indicated by parents' wishes.   I feel the safest births are those with little unnecessary intervention.    I strongly believe in each woman's right to find her own way, choose her own path and have support throughout. 

Homebirth clients with Licensed Midwife Brandi Lauher.

I have experience with twins, homebirth, vaginal birth after cesarean and vaginal birth after two cesareans(VBAC and VBA2C), adoption, LGBTQ families,  homebirth after cesarean (hbac) natural and medicated birth, as well as breastfeeding.  I feel that respect and consideration are the rights of every birthing woman and family and women's rights to  make educated, informed decisions for themselves is the foundation of a happy, healthy beginning.
 I am a Certified Labor and Postpartum Doula and Breastfeeding Counselor through Childbirth International (CBI), and am a Breastfeeding Counselor. I also teach hypnosis for labor through HypnoBirthing.