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Historical Detail 
Woven Into An 
Adult Love Story  

It's 1971. As a former anti-war activist against the war in Vietnam, you're now a draftee in the U.S. Army assigned to work in a classified message center in Tehran, Iran.  As the weeks and months pass you are surrounded by evidence that the regime you are supposed to be serving is corrupt and propped up by one of the most brutal secret police forces in modern times. You know this because your girlfriend's family is feeling SAVAK's repression. And, you're caught in the middle. Even after the Staff Judge Advocate attempts to kick you out of the Army, and then later threatens you with court marshal, what do you do?
Such is the situation Doug Roberts, the main character, finds himself in. Yes, the main character in this story is Doug Roberts, who curiously, has the same name as the author! Hmmm. :-)

Doug's fortunes change when he outs a spy, a REAL spy:   Mansur Rafizadeh an Iranian double agent (SAVAK/CIA).  This suddenly lifts his status from being 'most hated' in the U.S. Army's ARMISH/MAAG unit where he's serving to 'most favored' by General Ellis Williamson who was  then the head of  ARMISH/MAAG in 1971.   Doug, who was a hard core antiwar activist against the war in Vietnam, and General Williamson become unlikely allies (of sorts).  

Doug is helping his girlfriend and her mother try to escape Iran and  must thwart SAVAK's efforts to block their escape.   General Williamson is trying to purge ARMISH/MAAG of the Shah's SAVAK agents who have infiltrated ARMISH/MAAG.    

The book is out!  For Kindle format, its Amazon.com.   For iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone use Diesel-ebooks.com.  Smashwords.com has the ebook in many formats including the PC, for those who have no ebook reader device.  See links in side bar  to purchase it.  Coming soon:  Print format.   Yes a real book.  

How did this story come to be written?