I am a freelance writer living and working in Berkeley California, my home for the past two decades. I enjoy writing short stories, often with a scifi or fantasy theme, and am particularly practised at writing about history and science. A vast array of my work can be viewed on my blog, Doug's Darkworld, and in a more organized fashion many of my blog posts are on Doug's Darkworld Annex. And as my published work shows (below,) I also  like to write about cats.

For existing written work, I charge ten cents a word for one time use. That's about $80-$100 for a typical blog article. For custom written articles I generally charge fifteen cents a word, but it may vary depending on the length and complexity of the article required.

For the most part I am happy to allow my work to be reprinted in con-commercial non-profit venues, especially if it is for a good cause. I only require that my permission be requested beforehand, and that I be properly attributed as the author.

The best way to contact me is email: Phone number and mailing address available upon request.

Over the years some of my articles and stories have been published in a wide variety of venues, from mimeographs placed on car windshields to chapters in actual printed works. Here is a selection of assorted works:

Are All Calicos Insane? This was published in, of all things, a Danish cat magazine. I wish I had asked for  a copy to be mailed to me, but I was young and so happy to see my work in print that, well, I didn't really get to actually see my work in print. The illustrations in this article were drawn by me, and clearly show why I decided to go into writing, not illustration.

The Cat Who Wouldn't Die. This is the first work I had published where I actually got to see it on a  printed page. It's a story about my dear former cat Deckard and his brushes with death. It was published in "The Cats of Our Lives," and I see that copies can be picked up on for one cent each. So, buy one now as it will eventually become very valuable when I am an Oscar winning novelist.

The Lost Kitty Handbook, How to find your missing cat. This was printed by an animal rescue society in upstate New York once, but sadly the copy they mailed me got lost in the mail. This was some of my most rewarding writing, because to this day I get a nice email every month or so telling me how they found their lost cat because of this article. I don't think I'll ever be saving the world, but at least I saved a few lost kitties. This article may be reproduced freely if it's not-for-profit, properly attributed, and links to here.

Ten global calamities - existential disasters facing the human race. This was published in a High School newspaper in the Philippines.Yes, I also like to write about disasters and such, my blog is titled Doug's Darkworld, not Doug's Puppyworld.

My American Civil War Quiz was published on this fine site: For God and Country

Colonialism's New Look For the 21st Century. My somewhat unorthodox look at a program to distribute cheap laptops to children in the developing world. This was the article that propelled me into the brave new world of being a professional writer. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's an exciting thing for sure.

Beam Me Up, Scotty. A tribute to the late James Doohan, published once on the fine site

I try to consistently use Canadian spelling in my writing. Yes, there is such a thing as Canadian spelling.