Traditional and Memorial Games

There are two games each session that Douglas Villa participate in that are outside of the local competitons. The first is the Thomas Ryder Memorial Match.  This game is traditionally the first played game of the season between the 1st XI from both Douglas Villa AFC and Masterton AFC. It is played in honour of Thomas Ryder who loved watching these two teams play. The winner of this game recieves the Thomas Ryder Memorial Cup which was presented in the memory of Thomas.

In 2018 the game was held between the Douglas Villa Magpies and Masterton Athletic. The result was a hard fought 4 - 3 win to Masterton Athletic who will hold the cup until next season. 
                                                                                                                                         Thomas  Ryder Memorial Cup         

The other game played each season is for the Villa Shield where the first team plays a team made up from the rest of the club.  These two teams tough it out to try and ensure that the first team do not get the shield.  In 2017 the Douglas Villa top team beat the rest of the club to claim the Villa Shield and bragging rights.