Nathanperry my brother, this link gets you into his little fiefdom of his unique Denver sound scene. Take a look, his blog is updated frequently. Decently check his music links, there’s some great stuff, both his and his friends...


 Wedgekin's is a very knowledgeable and web savvy individual. He has collected and reviewed a very wide assortment of google pages. His site and sites are most definitely worth a look see... 

Monkeywrench Cycles An old friend of mine from Lincoln NE has his own bike shop now, totaly cool! 



Google page creator, what more do i need to say? This google creation is empowering!

Google pages at google groups a good place to read about whats going on with google pages. _______________________________________________________________ 


Get Firefox!

Firefox, DAMN! If your not already surfing the web with this brilliant browser you should be!


Opera one of the best browsers in the hole wide world! it is, truly..