Club Overview

Douglas Little Athletics was established in 1995 and ceased in 2005.  It was then re-established in 2011.  

Previous champions from the club include Peter Tuccandidgee & Khaele Bowen.

The season runs for school terms two and three each year.  Competition will be conducted each Wednesday afternoon from 3:30 pm at the Mossman State High School Oval.  Club competition days start with a warm up session at 3:30 pm followed by start of competition at 3:45 pm.

Douglas Athletics is affiliated with Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ) and Athletics North Queensland (ANQ).

Douglas Athletics is a FAMILY activity in which children learn the basic athletic skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Everyone, regardless of ability is encouraged to participate.  Athletes are encouraged to improve their own personal performance. To do this, we provide friendly club competition on Wednesday afternoon.  By joining in these activities and learning how to do all the events correctly, you will have lots of fun.

Little Athletics is a FITNESS activity.  From the simple warm-up exercises which precede each meeting to the actual running, jumping and throwing events.  All Little Athletics activities are designed to help improve your child’s fitness and wellbeing.

After each event the athlete is given a ticket recording their performance. These can be pasted into the record books (supplied in the registration pack) enabling athletes to record how they are improving and can also be recorded on the LAQ website in the My Results section.  Not all competitors can be champions.  This applies in all sport. 

We recognize this and accept a responsibility to preserve the interest and rights of all members. Talented children are encouraged by the provision of coaching facilities and opportunities to compete in state and national events.  Their opportunities are never at the expense of the other athletes with lesser abilities.  All participants are coached and encouraged to improve rather than to win.