Douglas A. Norton

Welcome to my website! My name is Doug Norton and I am the Senior Economist  at MobLab, research faculty at FSU, and Co-Series Editor at Research in Experimental Economics. 
MobLab is an edtech startup located in sunny Pasadena. We have developed an online platform where students can play games and activities on internet connected devices. The games span decision theory and game theory as well as market and non-market institutions. We also have a host of pre-built survey-based experiments to illustrate behavioral economics themes. In my position I develop new games and curriculum for instructors. I love creating "Ah-Ha" moments for students that make the economics lessons come alive. If you would like to see a new game, new treatment variation, set of surveys, etc. email me at It would be great to talk with you.

Much of my research has used experimental methods to investigate topics in public economics like tax evasion, tax code notches, and public goods provision. However, I also have an interest in other methods and topics. For example, my monograph titled, "Just the Facts Ma'am: A Case Study of the Reversal of Corruption in the LAPD" takes an analytic narrative approach to studying the 1950s LAPD and then applies lessons learned to modern development economics efforts to reduce corruption. For more information on my research please see my CV and the research section of my website. 

With Research in Experimental Economics, an annual volume published through Emerald Press, I am currently co-editing a volume titled The Study of Culture: Experimental Economics Approaches and Contributions (with Anna Gunnthorsdottir and Dan Caprar).

Douglas Norton,
Jul 12, 2013, 8:49 PM