Group Members




                    Dan Dougherty - Associate Professor and PI

                            Centennial Office:  155 Partners III

                            Main campus Office:  444 Riddick Hall

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Drew Deloach - Physics Graduate Student

                STM studies of surface state mediated molecular self assembly on                            surfaces; SPSTM of mixed organic-metal interfaces

Dan Nevola - Physics Graduate Student - 

  Time resolved ARPES of solids; SPin polarized STM of metal organic interfaces


Sara Jafari - Physics Graduate Student

  Organic semiconductor film growth and characterization by scanned probe microscopy.  

Jordan Frick - Physics Graduate Student

  Spin polarized STM of organic molecules on oxide surfaces

Johnathan Thomas - Physics Undergraduate Student

  Organic single crystal growth by physical vapor transport

Polina Pechnikova - Physics Undergraduate Student

  Organic film growth for thin film transistor applications


Aubrey Apperson - Physics Undergraduate Student

                Organic semiconductor film growth by molecular beam deposition                        and characterization with atomic force microscopy; time dependent                           observations of film morphology evolution      

Ben Hoffman - Ph.D in Physics 2017

Jingying Wang - Ph. D in Physics 2016

Andy Hewitt - Ph.D in Physics 2016

Sean Stuart  - Ph.D in Physics 2015

Terry McAfee - Ph.D in Physics 2015

Jiuyang Wang - Ph.D in Physics 2013

Thesis: : "Scanning Probe Microscopy of Intrinsic and Extrinsic Disorder in Organic Semiconductors"

Mark Wetherington - B.S. in Physics (2013)

           Mark studied the growth, nanoscale morphology, and charge transport properties of organic semiconductor films.  He was particularly valuable in helping us explore the unusual and tricky vacuum evaporation of the polymeric materials P3HT.

Alex Pronschinske -PhD in Physics (2012)

Thesis: "Surface-Bound Molecular Film Structure Effects on Electronic and Magnetic Properties"

Andreas Sandin (co-advised with Jack Rowe) - PhD in Physics (2012)

Thesis:  "Tunneling Spectroscopy Studies of Epitaxial Graphene on SiC(0001) and its Interfaces"

Zhengang Wang - PhD in Physics (2012)

Thesis:  "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Metal-Organic Interfaces for Electronics and Spintronic Applications"

Will Collins - Center for Molecular Spintronics Summer REU 2011, Bachelor's degree from Shaw university (2012).

        Will spent the summer of 2011 helping to define a new direction in Molecular Spinstronics research by performing our first experiments in the vacuum deposition of Fe(II) spin crossover thin films.  These materials have become a crucial part of our spintronics research efforts and figured prominently in the CMS reverse site visit to the National Science Foundation.  Will delivered a poster about his summer REU work during this important trip to Washington, DC.

  Andy Hewitt - BS in Physics (2011)

                  Andy was one of the founding members of the research group in 2008. He spent 3 years studying the growth and electrical transport properties of organic films and single crystals.  He had a hand in building a large part of the lab.  His work earned 3 NCSU undergraduate research awards, 3rd prize in the Physics department undergraduate poster contest in 2009, and 2 summer undergraduate research fellowships at NIST.    

  Daniel Mardit - MS in Physics (2011)

                  Dan worked on STM studies of surface alloying during Fe growth on Cu(110).  He also contributed to theoretical studies of the constant-current distance voltage mode of scanning tunneling spectroscopy.