Red Surf

Brass Attitude

The Jazz Gents

Mark Achuff

Chamber Music L.A.

Crown City Symphony

Second Strings Orchestra

Pasadena Summer Youth Chamber Orchestra

He has also worked with The Burbank Concert Band, Angela O'Neill and the Unusual 8, Maxx and the Anchovies, City Beat, Richie Freedman's Cool Blue, The Rex Merriweather Big Band, Big Band Theory, Point Doom, Jetpack, Woody James Big Band, Dusty Watson's Califonia Sons, The Boardwalkers, John Blair - Marty Tippens Band, Flowmasters, The Fabulous Planktones / Hot Plankton, The Marauders, Outerwave, The Detonators, The Insect Surfers, Don and the Surftones, Buckskin Drive, Longboard Ranch, Pat Logo's Swingin' Little Big Band, The Clyde Reasinger Big Band, Off The Record, The Verdugo Swing Trio, The LAPD band, The LASD band, The Jim and Tina Starr Review, David Moscoe and Gary Gibbons, The Pay-It-Forward Band, The Buzz Maddox Octet, The Verdugo Swing Society, The Angeles Chorale, The Emi Gilbert Jazz Quartet, The Leroy Lovett Band, The Glenn Johnson Jazz Band, Lake Ave Church Chamber Orchestra, Glendale Community Symphony, The Wilkinson Dance Band, The Live 45's, The Surfrockets, The Soundwaves, The Radio Station Jazz Octet and has played in professional productions of "The Music Man","Smokey Joe's Cafe", "City of Angels", "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum", "Good News" and "Pajama Game".

Doug has been in bands sporadically since 1963 playing many times at the Hullabaloo club and The Hollywood Palladium while in Jr. High School. After a 35 year hiatus he's back playing electric and upright bass, guitar and keyboards. During High School he designed and built a fuzztone used by Jimi James in 1967 and adapted the artificial larynx for use with guitar, which was the first talkbox for guitar and became a commercial product known as "The Bag". He attended Cal Tech and worked at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the Space Sciences Division. He has worked for or consulted with Marantz, BGW, Fender, Lucasfilm, AMC, Paramount Pictures, Eastman Kodak, Hydraulic Research, Foxboro, Magic Mountain, Electromart, Pacific Stereo and others. He is a retired professor from College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita where he taught Computer Science, Electronics, and Music Technology for 30 years. He designs embedded systems as a consultant for companies wanting to incorporate microcontrollers in their products. Most recently a neon sign controller system for Nights of Neon.

It all started with the US band in 1963

Me   John Legg sax   Rick Mena guitar   Mick Canale guitar and Rick Hansen drums

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 Peter  keys                      Me bass

Carl Verheyen guit         James Cruce  drums

                   The Soundwaves at the 

                      Ultimate Beach Party

After that a band called Tracer Field with

Steven Zaillian on Drums  (Oscars for Schindlers List etc.) 

and Gary Demos on Lead Guitar (Oscars for Tron, Last Starfighter etc.) 

The Verdugo Swing Trio at The Huntington

The Lake Avenue Community Orchestra

Clyde Reasinger Dixieland Band

The Praise band at Lake Ave Church

Big Band Theory

LAPD Band 4th of July 2011 at the Reagan Library

on tour with Chris Blakey

Lake Ave. Chamber Orchestra

With Dean Rockwood and the Live 45s

Paul Gilbert

King of the Shred Guitar

With the Glendale Community Symphony Orchestra

The Surf Rockets Live on KCR radio

The Soundwaves at The Derby,  Hollywood

The Frank Palminteri Big Band


With Surf Drums Legend Dusty Watson's

California Sons

Hot Plankton at the OC Fair

me and the fabulous JR

With Outerwave at The Purple Orchid

Starting Off Surfin Sundays '07 at the Huntington Beach International Surfing Museum with Planktone Ranch

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Dick Dale

King of the Surf Guitar

The Boardwalkers

Tribute to Jimi at The 2007 Acid Beach Party

The Flowmasters

Pier Plaza Surf City USA

Surf music legends

John Blair                 MartyTippens

Acoustic Surf

The Surfadelic Sounds of The Boardwalkers

Christmas 2006  with Billy Blastoff and the Surf Rockets

The Insect Surfers

The Marauders at

The Cowboy Surfer Cruise Night

The Fabulous Planktones

at Huntington Beach

The Flowmasters

at the Surf City Marathon

The other Flowmasters at Suzy's in Hermosa Beach

The Flowmasters at Sams Seafood

HB Longboard Crew Valentines Day Dinner

The Cool-O-Matics at Chantry Flats

The Absolutely Fabulous Detonators

Detonators at Suzy's for Tim's 50th

Detonators  at the Fireman's Museum Hollywood

The Surfadelic Sounds of The Boardwalkers

at the Lava Lounge Hollywood

at Baja Cantina

Longboard Ranch at Suzy's in Hermosa Beach


I'm not a big bass fanatic but I love the beat you put down with the bass. Its as good as anyone out there and among the best for sure. . I enjoy the hell out of your guitar playing too. That day at the pier when you did the closing riff in Walk Dont Run 1964, I was WOW!!!! And the organ, that is so old school. Love it. It's guys like you that keep that music alive. I'm very thankful for that. I wish you lived closer so I could pick up a few tips from time to time.


With his adoring fan of 42 years, Claudia.

With his other adoring fan, the incredible drummer Adrien Anthony of CHUM.