Building on 40 years of academic research, teaching and service, I am now dedicating my time to helping governments, businesses and communities respond to the increasing challenges of climate change, environmental risk and energy security.

My experience is in risk assessment, sustainability and policy analysis applied to a broad range of environmental issues. The first 25 years of my career were spent in the US at Oak Ridge National Laboratories (until 1982) and then at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I was Professor of Environmental Sciences and Engineering and Professor of Public Policy, as well as Founding Director of the Institute for the Environment. I remain Professor Emeritus there. I moved to Cambridge UK in 2007 to put my ideas into practice. At about the same time, I became Director of the University of Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) and Professor in the Department of Land Economy. I retired in 2016 and now focus on moving sustainability projects forward globally, settling in southern California (San Diego) in the US. My wife and I divide our time between San Diego and Cambridge (UK), with annual stints in Graz (Austria) as a member of the University of Graz Climate Change programme.

My newest book

Creating the Wrong Environment: How reasonable habits of thought get in the way of effective environmental policies - and how to fix them.

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My move to the UK was stimulated by Britain acting so ambitiously on the sustainability agenda, shown by the Climate Change Act and a wealth of programmes that bring sustainability and reduction of the risk from climate change to every aspect of public and private sector decisions. I wanted to be part of that movement, and to bring those ambitions forward to reality through thought leadership and on-the-ground project support. I can now say the same about my new home in California, where the climate actions are equal to those in the UK and EU and far ahead of the US national average, especially under the current White House administration.
From those platforms, I have been helping governments, businesses and communities in the US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Thailand, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Taiwan, India, Japan, China, Mexico and France, all of whom are struggling to find a path forward on sustainable solutions to environmental, energy and economic challenges. My time is now spent on applied research, environmental analysis, teaching, public speaking and facilitating sustainability projects around the world, through Cambridge Science and Policy Consulting. This includes offering a range of professional training programmes and workshops so others can improve their skills in responding to environmental change, and so organisations can build the institutional capacity to deliver solutions. It also includes facilitating the Climate Change Risk Mitigation project to enhance national and community capacity to deliver on ambitious climate policies.

Do you share these interests? If so, I welcome the chance to partner with you in bringing sustainability solutions to the world. Contact me by email, phone or Skype.