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Mobile GIS

Mobile Solutions for GIS Data Collection and Display

The growing proliferation of mobile devices and the displaying of GIS data on the web have been changing the GIS industry.  The desire of organizations to collect GIS data using mobile devices and to display that data on the web is increasing rapidly.  The major reasons organizations want to move to this model is its ease of use, the ability for end-users to collect data, and the ability to easily distribute data to the world.

My two main objectives with this paper were to explore the software and steps required for collecting GIS data with mobile devices (smartphones such as iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile) and for displaying that collected data on the web.  I accomplished this by attempting to develop a mobile GIS collection and display solution using each of the options currently available for building mobile apps. 

The first part of the paper, application options, details my results of attempting to build a GIS data collection and display solution using each type of mobile app development option currently available.  For each option the possibilities for collecting data and displaying data are covered as are my mobile device test results.  The pros, cons, and potential applications of each option are also covered.

The second part of the paper, detailed instructions, gives detailed step by step instructions on how to create GIS data collection and display solutions for each of the development options found to have the most potential.  Each set of detailed instructions covers all of the steps needed by a user with no previous experience to install, configure, build, and deploy the solution.

The mobile devices I used for testing were the iPad 2 running iOS version 5.0.1 and the Sony Tablet S running Android version 3.2.  I was unable to obtain Windows Mobile or Windows Phone 7 devices for testing.

The full paper is attached below.  Please contact me with any questions of comments.