Telescopes - 6 inch f/7.5

Images and Descriptions of Some of the Telescopes I have Built 

 This is an early version of a 6 inch f/7.5 reflector. Note the bowling ball mount (which becomes ubiquitous in my telescopes), and the open spar. Worked fine...but it would eventually be improved.

This is the next generation, with a solid tube, but the same bowling ball and support. The focuser is a Crayford built with roller blade bearings, and a real finder with a piggybacked red-dot were added.

The almost final version of the 6 inch f/7.5. Tube is aluminum irrigation pipe, the rest is in oak and brass. A new bowling ball riding on teflon buttons. The eyepiece tray is immensely useful. The focuser is from a toilet flush valve. Only one improvement remained -- making it track, and, hence:

Voila. Adding a Poncet tracking platform under the bowling ball means that this telescope is infinitely moveable, but tracks the sky. This setup won 1st Place for Mechanics at Stellafane in 2004. It's prototype won 1st Place for Design at Astrofest in 2000. 

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