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On June 12 Scott Cooper and I did a live recording of 11 of my original songs at the Moonshine Cafe. That CD is going out to some other musicians -- we''ll rehearse -- and we'll be back on December 11, once more at the Moonshine Cafe to do another recording with a full band.

In the meantime, here are the MP3's from the first recording for your listening and downloading pleasure.

Please join the email list and I'll let you know when the CD is available.

And here they are, the song title takes you straight to the MP3 and the 'Lyrics' link beside it takes you to, well, the lyrics. Enjoy...................

Tonight I'm Shining -- Lyrics

Stories I've Told -- Lyrics

Living Country Tune -- Lyrics

Semi-Auto Friend -- Lyrics

Shades of Grey

Will You Walk By -- Lyrics

The Vet -- Lyrics

I Like Beer -- Lyrics

Better At Being Alone -- Lyrics

Back Door Too

Promise That You'll Lie -- Lyrics

All Songs, Words and Music, Copyright by Doug Alcock 2006

All Rights Reserved