Here are some testimonials from our doudouclass students who learn with us.
" My two boys, aged 4 and 7 have really learned a lot during their time at xiaodou and dadou class. The teaching is set at their pace and they are able to say things to each other in mandarin now."
Mrs Davies
"The Doudouclass is a fun, informal class for young children of all backgrounds to learn about Chinese culture as well as Mandarin.
The teachers are friendly and encouraging. The course is supported by fun and colourful text books that are accompanied with a CD to allow practice at home. The children all enjoy the activities aimed to support them learning to speak and write Chinese."
Mother of 5 year old boy (absolute beginner).
Doudou mandarin class is located at a very strategic venue nearby our house in Maidenhead. The teacher (lǎo shī) is very friendly and makes our 5 years boy such keen everytime the lesson come. The session is delivered depending the capability of each individual children, combined with creative media of teaching, has created a lot of fun and easy for the children to follow. The delivery is held on maximizing Mandarin yet the teacher has a good English.
 Yuni (mom of Lim Chai Ik).