Our Mini Library

Here is the current list of our bilingual books for students to borrow. Enjoy reading with your parents!
Basic math (card)
Rhyme (card)
Junier study porket card(english)
Junior study pocket card(words)
Baby learning starter-colour and shapeLittle penguin learning world-living stuff(monkey)
Little pengun learning world-living stuff(hippo)
Little penguin learning world-basic(elephant)
Little penguin learning world-math(tourtors)
Little penguin learning world-ainmal(penguin)
Little penguin learning world-fruit and veg(lamb)
Little penguin learning-living stuff(Piglet)
Little penguin learning-pinyinLittle penguin learning-brain trainingBaby early learning-animalBaby early learning-carBaby early learning-words
Gold learning book-math123Words and picturesColour,shape and trafficFruit,vegMath, minSmart learningSmart learning-left part brain training2Smart learning-right part brain training3Learning card-pinyinLearning card-counting
0-3 years old -veg
0-3 years old -colur and shapeJunior study porket card(words)
Junior study porket card(fruit and veg)
Junior study porket card(fruit and veg)