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China is a very amazing country. To explore unlimited opportunities, being able to read, speak and listen Mandarin is very important.The best time to learn this interesting language is to start young. Best time to start is before the age of six,so that children can pick up four tones and one 'toneless' tone. Once they learn pinyin with the tones, they can basically read any chinese character using pinyin and tones. We are mums who realise there is a need for chinese language environment for young children who wish to pick up Mandarin as a foreign language.
Thus we decide to create DouDouClass for young children, a Maidenhead Community Chinese School. Children can start from age of 3 at our Chinese school.
Both of us are billingual in both Mandarin and English with university degrees, with Mandarin as our native language. Teachers are all CRB checked.
Doudouclass is a member of UK Federation of Chinese Schools (UKFCS) since 2013.