Handcrafted Wreaths and Floral Decor for All Occasions

Welcome to Double Z Creations!  This is the place for ordering custom, handmade, unique wreaths for every holiday and season.

My name is Stephanie, and I create all of the wreaths you see here as a hobby in my free time.  All of my wreaths are arranged by hand.  I arrange and create all of the designs myself, a task that takes on average 1-3 hours depending on the size of the wreath.  I do not create the actual grape-vine or evergreen wreath bases; those I purchase pre-made at the craft store. 

I have a few pre-made wreaths in stock.  You will find them on the "for sale" tab on the Wreaths page.  If there is a price underneath a picture, it is for sale. Other pictures may have a "sold for" price beneath them; that will give you an idea of what kinds of wreaths and accessories cost what. Because I am interested in getting you the best wreath that I can, all prices are negotiable!

New this year! Floral and seasonal arrangements in vases and decorative pots--the beauty of fresh flowers but will last the entire season long! 

Click here for more info. 

I donate a percentage of proceeds earned at craft shows and bazaars to the Colorado Department of Veterans' Affairs. 

I offer wreaths with the following themes:

All 4 Seasons
(that's spring, summer, autumn and winter!)

Christmas / Chanukah / Kwanzaa / Yule
Halloween / Samhain
New Year's
Easter / Ostara
Fourth of July / Memorial Day (Patriotic)

Bereavement / Sympathy
New Baby
New Home
"Home Sweet Home"
Military - Branch specific / Yellow Ribbon
Children's Themes (pirates, princess, sports, etc)

Please check out the "Wreaths" page to see pictures of wreaths
I have made so you can get an idea of the kind of stuff I make!