Author of Ransom X and the upcoming Power of X

Ransom X is the first novel in the Legacy series.  (Two covers - One book)

Martin Legacy, once a top Military field interrogator before his life was shattered by a random crime, now dissects human behavior in the isolated comfort of the basement of the FBI. His protective walls are shattered when an agent appears in his office with an opportunity, an obligation and a threat. Normally, Legacy would ignore all three, but there is something about the case and the victim that strikes a very personal chord in him. An abduction ring is preying on young women, using them in adult films and ransoming them for the price of pornography. All of Legacy's talents and controversial methods will be put to the test. There are only two weeks to find the abductor's newest acquisition, the daughter of an old friend, the Director of the FBI.

Author Bio:
I have lived in million-dollar homes and been homeless.  I think that the balance of life between these two fixed points is more than just a social status.  My job has taken me around the world and back.  I believe in the nobility of a simple story told well and a complex person hiding in commonplace clothes. 

James Joyce is a great read.  Vonnegut makes people think.  I'm not much for poetry, but Ezra Pound has caught my eye lately.  Fitzgerald probably should be mixed in there too.  Why not?


Place of Birth:
Keswick, UK