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One evening I came back to my dorm room to find a tape waiting for me. It turns out that some of the guys had been running around the Johnson Bible College campus dressed as a gorilla, a ninja, and a hipster. They wanted me to edit it down, so I did. I can take no "credit" for the filming, as I wasn't present. Looking back, I should have added some music, and maybe cut it down even more. I still have the original file, so I might make a "Harry and the Ninja: Part 1: Ultimate Limited Special Edition Bonus Director's Cut Version." Look for that soon.

In order to show that our Kannaday group wasn't exclusive, we hosted a cookout next to the boy's dorm at the start of the Johnson Bible College Fall 2004 semester. It was a roaring success (free food will do that for you). I was the cameraman, and tried to get good shots to make this video special. I think I did alright with what I had.

When I first started on the Media Communications program at Johnson Bible College, I wanted to be bold and ambitious. I wanted to make the first student-made TV length project. It went through many iterations through the years, but I finally settled on a police drama parody starring several of my friends. My friend Matt Priest and I started writing a script and it was shaping up to be pretty good, but we just ran out of time. I had to get the project started and I didn't have enough script to film, nor could they all get their schedules free at the same time. So I got who I could to shoot what would have been the intro to the show. I got several of the shots I wanted, but I should have scripted and storyboarded even the intro. I'm terrible at estimating time (shooting a minute of video that I want to have in a 30 second commerical, for example), but I got what I wanted. The full script still sits on my flash drive, waiting to be completed...

Because I was going to make a TV length project, I was actually going to film several commercials to run during the breaks. Once the project became just the intro, I took the most well scripted commercial and wrote another to feature my friend Abby and filmed them as the rest of my student project. "Revenge of the Smith" came to me in class after Professor Tommy Smith saw my Revenge of the Sith T-shirt and misread it, wondering out loud what he was venging. I storyboarded what I could during the rest of that class and filmed it before class a few weeks later. Again, I shot too much for the minute it should have run, and kept too much in for gags that didn't really work. Originally I wanted Tommy to shoot lightning at the video projector, but I lack the skills necessary. I still think it turned out alright.

I wish I still had my "Raining Men" commerical for Truckload of Men, the Junior class male auction. I have it on VHS, and I think I still have the miniDV, but I don't think I ever saved the finished version back on it. And I don't have a miniDV camera to check, or to film more projects. *sigh*