Handcrafted Wooden Double Ocarinas

We are unfortunately unable to ship ocarinas at the moment. Please check back with us in a few months time. Thank you.

Our beautifully handcrafted double ocarinas are not just nice to look at, but wonderful to play and listen to. 

Here is our family of four: soprano, alto, tenor - and baritone which is now in production as a special order item.

Ocarinas are globular shaped "vessel flutes" that are found around the world including China, Russia, North and South America, New Zealand, Africa and Europe. It is said the term ocarina was coined in Italy in the 1860's when ocarina bands were popular. Their shape in Italy at that time resembled a goose in flight thus the term "little goose" or ocarina. Others say that the term had been used even before then.  Although our ocarinas are made of wood and have two chambers they are far more commonly made of clay with a single chamber.

Each instrument varies slightly but is tuned to itself. This handcrafted hardwood instrument can be played on one side, or the other or together, playing melody and harmony to create a very impressive voice. Each side has four holes, 3 on top and 1 for the thumb, and has a range of one octave. 

The woods will vary depending on availability and as this is handcrafted the general shape will remain the same but there may be variations. Each instrument is individually tuned, shaped and finished for an exquisite ocarina with a clear and resonant sound.