I double dog dare you to do a marathon on Monday AND Tuesday!!

September 25th 2012
Start Time 6am

    Our mission is to provide low cost races in a fun, friendly and supportive environment. As always, we welcome and encourage runners of all ages and abilities. 

    This course is a 4.5 mile loop at Lake Merced, San Francisco. Runners will complete 5 full laps around the lake, then take the bridge on the last lap (this will be explained on race day). Runners will come through the aid station every loop, then reverse direction. These"washer-machine" style laps allow the runners to pass other runners on the course which adds to the fun! You can expect a variety of snacks, water and Gatorade at the aid station. 

Marathon starts at 6am

Price is $25
Medals will be provided to all finishers.
Overall winners in both Men's and Women's divisions will receive awards