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Wrangler YJ Dashes

YJ Flat Dashes
Many owners of YJ's want to switch to the old-school look of the CJ dashes.  It can easily be done now with a Double D Fab YJ Flat dash.  These are direct bolt in. The existing dash pad and steel backer are not needed and can not be reused with these panels.  The factory heater unit, defrost duct and heater controls can and must be used.  The stock headlight and dimmer switches can be used with the dash.There are many different versions and styles to choose from.  Aftermarket gauges MUST be used with these dashes, factory gauges will NOT work.
Replacement Panels
With these panels you can now get rid of the plastic cracking panels for the steering column, center panel and glovebox.  These panels must be used with your stock dash pad and steel backer panel.  We offer the panels in many different styles.  Just let us know what your needs are.  Aftermarket gauges MUST be used with these dashes, factory gauges will NOT work.
Full Dashes. 
The full dash will replace the complete dash pad and steel backer.  These have full functioning defroster ducts. Aftermarket gauges MUST be used with these dashes, factory gauges will NOT work.
Pricing: Please see the bottom of the page for ordering and pricing.
YJ Replacment Panels 
More pics found here 
 Holy Gauges!!
Flat style with CJ gauges
Flat style with angled bezels and Double D Fab glovebox.
YJ Flat Dashes
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Heater Controls installed
Light Switch Installed
Grab Bar

Customer Dash with A/C unit and CJ glovebox

Customer Dash Powder coated and gauges installed.
Dash with custom lower switch panel
Dash with Danhard heater installed and functional defrost.
Dash with radio kicker panel
Dash w/ Map Pocket
Sinister skull Dash
Marine Wounded Warrior Build
Custom YJ Flex speaker grills
Dash with steel dash pad and integrated defrosters in the pad.
Double D Fab glovebox with laser cutting in the door.
YJ Full Dashes
More pics found here
Full version without the center section and custom lettering
No center section
Ordering info:
Every dash is custom made.  We do not stock any panels.  When you are ready to order please take the time to sit in your jeep and figure out what you want in the dash... accessories such as gauge qtys and layout, switches (what style?), toggles or rocker switches.  It helps if you have the sizes the holes are supposed to be for mounting. 
Speakers: 4x6 speakers are stock and really the only size to fit with all the headlight switches and etc.  There are many different styles of speaker grills to choose from or we can cut custom grills with your logo or design.  Just send us a jpeg of the design.  All studs are welded on the back side of the dash for speaker mounting.
Gauges: 3-3/8" aftermarket gauges are the most common size for speedo and tach.  However, we have gauge bezels for 3-1/8" and 5".  2-1/16" gauges are the most common size for the auxiliary gauges.  We have 2-5/8" bezels also.  If you are asking what is a bezel? They are the tubes that angle the gauges up toward the driver to easily read your gauges.  These bezels only work with aftermarket gauges that use 2 mounting studs and the U shape holder.  Some gauges like equis use a large nut to mount the gauge, this WILL NOT WORK with the gauge bezels.
Kicker panels house the auxiliary gauges and any accessories you may need.  We also offer a radio kicker that angles the radio to the driver along with 4 gauges above the radio.  2-1/16" gauges are the only size that will fit the kicker panels, unless we make a custom kicker for you.
Grab handles are made by Double D Fab they bolt from the back side of the dash, or you can use the stock OEM handle.
Defrost deflectors help deflect the defroster from the stock duct up toward the windshield.  
Steel dash pad with defrost are also available to cover up the bottom of the windshield and cover the wiper motor. 
Wiper motor cover: some have had good luck with modifying a stock CJ-5 wiper motor cover.
Glove boxes: We can make a steel box and door with a cam lock.  The doors are flush with the dash to give a clean look. 
Some gauge layouts will not work with the stock defrost duct behind the dash. Keep that in mind when looking at your dash layout.
Any additional holes you may need please specify size and rough location.
Please email us a copy of the pic of our dashes that closest fit your needs, then we can design the dash from there using your list of items you want in the dash.
Pricing: Flat Dash
  • Flat Dashes start at $230
  • Speaker grills are no charge if we have the design made already, to add your
  • custom design there is a charge of $25
  • Grab Handles $25
  • Kicker panel with 4 gauge layout $30
  • Radio kicker panel with 4 gauge panel $35
  • Radio kicker panel with 5 gauge panel $40
  • Steel glove box with cam lock $70
  • 2-1/16" gauge bezels $2 each
  • 2-5/8" gauge bezels $3 each
  • 3-3/8" gauge bezels $5 each
  • 3-1/8" gauge bezels $7 each
  • 5" gauge bezels $12 each
  • Center slant addition $70
  • Steel dash pad with defrost $175
  • Danhard heater and controls $350
  • Danhard mount $50
  • Danhard defrost adapters $50
Pricing: Replacement dash panels
  • Steering column panel $70
  • Center panel $95
  • Glove box $120
Pricing: Full dash
  • Most full dashes are $600 unless there are special options you may need 
Shipping prices usually vary from around $20 to $50 depending on your location.  International shipping would cost more. Please send me your zip code to get a price on shipping.  We ship UPS ground, all dashes are crated in wood and wrapped in cardboard to ensure your dash arrives safely.