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Jeep CJ Dashes

"Jeeps are built, not bought" is our slogan. I hate looking through a magazine, trying to find the right style for my Jeep.  That is why we are offering custom dashes for CJ's.  Every Jeep and owner has it's own personality so why not be able to order exactly what you want.
We design every dash on the computer first for every customer and email a PDF file of exactly what that dash will look like.  That way the customer can see or change anything they want before any material is cut. 
Material: most dashes are made of 16ga mild steel and are CNC laser cut at a local company.
The main thing that sets our dashes apart from the rest are; the dashes are direct bolt in and have all the correct holes for mounting unlike other mail order dashes,  welded-in gauge bezels that are pointed up and toward the driver.  Aftermarket gauges are very hard to read when mounted in a stock flat dash and the driver would have to lean over to actually read them.  With ours, one glance will show all operations of your Jeep and engine.
All studs are welded on the back of the dashes for speakers and stock speedos, if required.  This will eliminate drilling holes in the dash to mount these items.  All details can be moved and modified in the design.
Pricing: Please see the bottom of the page for ordering and pricing.
Please email mail us with any questions at dbldfab@gmail.com
We will be more than happy to help you with your project.
'55-'71 Dash Pictures
 More 55-71 CJ dash pics found here: http://photobucket.com/55to71dashes
All dashes have the steering mount welded under the dash like original oem.
Stock Dash
 Front side of the column mount
Back Side of column mount 
Custom options
Custom options
'72-'75 Dash Pictures
72-75 CJ dash pics found here: http://photobucket.com/72to75Dashes
Stock Dash
Stronger than stock support with the tapped holes for the steering mount
Windshield mounting tabs 
Custom gauge layout
Custom gauge layout
Custom gauge layout
Dash with kicker panel
'76-'86 Dash Pictures
More 76-86 CJ dash pics found here: http://photobucket.com/76to86Dashes
Stock Dash with stock radio holes

Stock Dash with out radio cutout
Dash with gauge bezels
Customer Dash with CJ grill speaker grills

Dash with kicker panel
Dash with Radio Kicker Panel
Dash with center stock speedo kicker
Dash with custom speaker grills and gauge layout
Wounded Warrior Build for LT Joe Caley 
Most popular gauge layout
Mirror finish stainless steel dash,  NOT recommended for driving with the top off
Center slant dash, many different options
Custom dash and laser cutting