DotYKInformation is the most valuable thing that a person has ever had.

Methods of information transfer are developing constantly, and today, a person has at its disposal a variety of options for the dissemination of information.

At one and the same time, new methods of data theft are developed, and a person loses the most important is a PRIVACY.
The Privacy is the inviolability of private life,  
which is declared as one of the Human Rights

DotYK. How it is works?
Elegant sensors are put on the fingertips, allowing you to enter the information without using a keyboard, on any surface.

A set of sensors allows you to clearly record (check in) the movement of fingers in three-dimensional space and transmits information through a bracelet to the PC (phone or any other device).

The click of the sensor locks the selected point, and the user can print using the virtual keyboard, thereby user can work with browsers, instant messengers, documents, mail or play games.

The algorithm are translating the XYZ coordinates received from the sensors into a two-dimensional space, which allows you to see the motion of the finger (cursor) on the display (the lens of the glasses). When the sensor is touched, the virtual keyboard key is fixed it on  any surface.

 An additional feature of DotYK as a 3D space positioning device is mapping of 3D coordinates to the virtual reality space.

DotYK Benefits.

  • Mobility. The minimum weight and overall dimensions of the device allow you to take it with you on a business trip or any other trip, working on an airplane, train, public transport. 
  • Privacy. the user gets the opportunity of private work anywhere in the world using DotYK in combination with VR glasses. 
  • Ussing multimedia. DotYK connects to devices that previously installed the interaction's plug-in  (PC, phone, TV, tablet). Thus, the user has the opportunity to share information on a large screen, and also to work at the same time with several devices, are operating a single unique interface.
  • Personalization. In the initial calibration of DotYK, a "binding" to a particular user is made, taking into account his individual motor skills, which makes it difficult to use DotYK randomly for an unauthorized person.

DotYK is convenient for use both in the office and in public places. (может лучше  так You  can  use DotYK anywhere!)

            DotYK Today

We had developed an algorithm for translating three-dimensional coordinates into a plane;
Two basic iterations of  prototyping are made;
Patent for utility model received in Ukraine;
Applications for a patent (know-how) have been filed in Ukraine and the USA

DotYK Team

Olga Demchenko

Dmytro Demchenko

Mike Demchenko

Ilya Shastin