Welcome to the Community Wad

The Community Wad has grown to encompass many web pages, forum threads, and Google Drive folder. Here are most of the relevant links for getting to those places. If you're new, I'd suggest the Introduction page at the top of the left navigation pane, or the Installation page if you already know you want to install the Community Wad.

Main Thread - Go here to talk about the CW. You can also post bugs here if you don't want to use the form.

Decks Thread - Talk about decks, whether yours or others'. Go here or the Decks page to learn how to create and upload your own.

EDH Decks Thread - Talk about EDH decks or EDH in general.

Impossible Cards Thread - This is where we discuss cards which are or may be impossible.

How Can I Help Thread - Here, you can read up on and discuss how you can help. This is, after all, the "Community" Wad.

Progress Spreadsheet - This contains an up-to-date listing of all of the cards in the CW, separated by set, including showing which cards are coded, uncoded, or impossible.

Main Google Drive Folder - This is the main folder containing the CW and everything that is a part of it. (Well, almost everything...)

Community Wad Tools Thread - This is the thread where I discuss the various tools I've created for the CW, mainly focusing on ones which might be useful for users.

Request Thread - Request cards, decks, art, whatever.