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Welcome to the pathfinder for the book series The Dragon of the Lost Sea by Laurence Yep.  If you have read the series and enjoyed it, feel free to use this pathfinder to learn more about the myths and locations brought to life in these books. If you haven't read the books, perhaps what you see here might interest you enough to read the series. If so, be sure to read them in order!

Book 2: Dragon Steel
Book 4: Dragon War

In these four books, located in ancient China, a dragon princess named Shimmer has lost her home to the witch Civet.  Shimmer saves a young orphan named Thorn, and together they fight to bring back the ocean that was once the home of Shimmer's dragon clan.  Many of the characters are based on actual Chinese mythology! Use this pathfinder to discover the real legends and see actual places like the ones described in the book! All this and more brought to you by teacher and librarian-approved websites.