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Currently IIM is hard at work in Nicaragua, Haiti and Costa Rica. Mission Teams are working in areas such as construction, medical missions, evangelism, sports camps, VBS, feeding units and dump ministry. Take a few minutes to look at the information on this website and as you see past mission projects, testimonials and pictures of real missions, you will see that you can work with IIM to make a Kingdom difference. With IIM, you can send an entire team  or go as an individual or other small group. IIM has the flexibility and experience to bring individuals and small groups together to form a strong team for missions. IIM has experienced leaders on the ground in these countries that can handle all the details so that you aren't drowning in red tape or looking for something to do. They have projects and ministries in place where you can plug-in immediately. With IIM you can grown in your faith and make a Kingdom impact from the day you step on the mission field.

Update From Oscar - Exciting News from Nicaragua!!!

Nicaragua Clinic

God is good! This building you see here is the pharmacy, a clinic, a recovery room and a lab.

The goal is to serve the community and evangelize everyone that comes to receive medical assistance as they will receive free health care, and also to assist our pastors that we are working with through our feeding programs and anyone in their congregation that needs health assistance.

Eden Baptist Church - Brooksville, FL

The team from Eden Baptist Church had a 

wonderful missions trip to Nicaragua June 14-22, 2014 a

nd was blessed once again by working with Oscar and Rosibel and their awesome team.

Pastor Damont enjoyed preaching at the Rose of Sharon Church on Sunday morning and again on Monday evening at the youth service. Connie Rivenbark and Kathie Drake shared their testimonies in the Sunday morning worship service and Pastor Blair shared a devotion on M

onday evening.

The team went to the city dump in Chinandega on Monday morning where they toured the area and saw several of the homes that have been built.  Damont and Kathie were able to meet the two children they sponsor and that was such a huge blessing.  Kat

hie was able (through a translator) to talk at length with them and to begin a relationship. 

We were happy to see the new tables with tile tops that had been added since our trip last year.  This made ministering there so much easier.  Also the pharmacy had been completed.  We shared bible stories, played games, and did several other activities with the children. 


We met the young woman whose house we would be building with the funds Eden Baptist had provided.  Seeing her current living conditions and hearing her share about what this gift meant to her and her family was a huge blessing to the team.  The men began construction on her house and were able to work there four days.  A couple of the men also worked on another house at the dump. 

While the men were at the dump, the women went to two feeding centers each day and prepared and served food, shared bible studies, and did other activities with the children.  The plan of salvation was shared in the villages, and we made almost 400 salvation necklaces as a reminder of how to be saved.   The children received a copy of what the beads on the necklaces stood for to take home to their families.

We were able to visit the dream center and were amazed and blessed to see what all has been built since our last visit.  We had prayer walked the area (which was just grass) last year.   Now the first level of the center is almost completed! God has truly provided for this center through the generosity of donors and is fulfilling the vision He gave to Oscar.  We expect many amazing things to happen here in the future. 

We are so impressed with all the men and women who serve on Oscar’s team.  They are so kind and friendly, and they work so hard.  They start early in the morning and finish late in the evening.  The men are very protective of us when we are out.  They all love the Lord and it shows in how they treat not only us, but also everyone in the villages.  The entire team has a deep love and respect for Oscar and Rosibel, which clearly shows through in their interactions with them.  And the feelings are mutual as we see how Oscar and Rosibel treat them with the same love and respect.

It is truly a blessing to be able to serve with On Eagle’s Wings Ministry.  Our church is already raising money to build another house at the dump next year.  The team members developed a spiritual bond with Oscar and Rosibel and his team, and look forward to returning to Nicaragua to serve the Lord with them.  As Pastor Charles stated, they are the “real deal”!


FBC Crawfordville, FL

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Oscar's Photos - Spring 2013