DOTDOTDOTMUSIC offers a full suite of public relations services to individuals and organizations in the new music field, including:

Publicity is indispensable, and we're pretty damned good at it. But it's only one part of our integrated approach: building audiences and careers through increased visibility and enhanced presentation.

DOTDOTDOTMUSIC is the brainchild of Steven Swartz. Trained as a composer, with a PhD in composition under principal teacher Morton Feldman, Steven's background includes journalism, radio, the recording industry, and most recently, sixteen years as the head of publicity for Boosey & Hawkes, where he logged hundreds of thousands of frequent flier miles to promote B&H's roster of composers. In the process he developed strong relationships with music journalists in every major North American market. Based in Brooklyn, NY, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC reaches from sea to shining sea, with clients located all over the U.S.  Along with our international initiatives, we have conducted highly successful, locally-focused campaigns in markets around the country, including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

As the name implies, DOTDOTDOTMUSIC's practice transcends styles and genres. Today's listener can access a universe of music with just a few clicks of the mouse. The musical fences are down, and new audiences can come from nearly any direction. The downside? A galaxy of artists clamoring for attention. We can help you cut through the noise. Having nurtured the careers of creative artists from Elliott Carter to the Cowboy Junkies, our ears are open. Drop us a line!