Recent Photo of

                                                                                        Denise Hendrickson and

                                                                                          Debra Hendrickson 

                                                                                            Taken at Newark airport

                                                                                       March 2009

                   Recent Photo of

                                                                                        Debra Hendrickson and

                                                                                          Denise Hendrickson

                                                                                            Taken at Newark airport

                                                                                             March 2009


Below are:


Denise Patricia Hendrickson



Debra Pamela Hendrickson


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Debra Hendrickson Resume    DebraHendricksonResume.doc





Denise Hendrickson Resume   DeniseHendricksonResume.doc




Debra Hendrickson Accomplishments   MoreAboutDebraAccomplishments.pdf    




Denise Hendrickson Accomplishments   MoreAboutDeniseAccomplishments.pdf



Denise Hendrickson Profile  deniseprofile.pdf




Debra Hendrickson Profile  debraprofile.pdf



Photo Taken in Newark, New Jersey - December 2008