Dr. Petr Dostál (*1974)
Institute of Botany
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Zamek 1
CZ-252 43 Pruhonice
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 2 71015262

Research interests
I am a plant ecologist with focus on biotic interactions as the determinants of plant species abundance and distribution. I entered this field by studying the impact of ground-dwelling ants on vegetation pattern and plant population dynamics in temperate grasslands.
In my recent research I investigate the interactions between exotic plant species and native organi
sms from invaded communities. I am testing several hypotheses on the invasiveness of exotic species and differences among them (Enemy Release Hypothesis, Darwin's Naturalization Hypothesis). I am also interested whether processes such as accumulation of specialized enemies by invaders or evolutionary adaptations of resident species can enhance coexistence between native and invasive plants.