There are many ways to improve your game. Here are a few.

 Doss Chess Club Courses

  • Novice Lessons: Goal: Understand how the pieces move well enough to enjoy playing
  • Beginner Lessons: Goal: Know all the rules of chess. Start learning how to choose better moves.
  • Intermediate Lessons: Goal: Starting the game well, simple tactics and finishing off your opponent
  • Level Tests: Tests to download and demonstrate readiness for one of the later Lesson Groups
  • Tactics Practice: Sets of tactical problems to practice seeing tactics

Online Instructional Sites

  • chessKIDS Academy  This is a fantastic and free instructional website.  
  • Novice Nook  A regular column for chess players who are not yet Chess Masters

Austin scholastics

  • Austin School Chess   Usually current information about scholastic tournaments and lessons in Austin