Fall Classic

Mid-Year Club Tournament

The tournament took the place of two normal chess club meetings in the Doss Library and ran for 2 hours each day - 1 hour per round for a total of four rounds. The tournament was open to all students attending Doss Elementary School.


This was a Swiss-system tournament, so everyone was eligible to play all four rounds — "no elimination." We followed all USCF rules including touch-move and mandatory clocks when games appeared to be running close to the G/20 time limit. Although players were not required to take notation, it was strongly encouraged.

Final Standings (follow the links in the ID column to the official USCF website)

#NameIDNew RatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Tot
1Jae-hun Kim13731498779W19W17W15W4 4.01st
2Jason Newman13723750454W20W8W6W10 4.02nd
3Dylan Weaver13789896619D40W35W28W11 3.53rd
4Ethan Schaffer13725364579W32W13W5L1 3.0Top K-2
5Joshua Lim13793028761W21W9L4W24 3.0Top Newcomer
6Christopher McLean13797064666W23W24L2W21 3.0
7Jun Ha Choi13812338514L24W42W34W22 3.0
8Andreas Weyland13797085538W30L2W17W15 3.0
9Nikolas Weyland13797070644W12L5W33W18 3.0
10David Simmons13727711283W33D18W16L2 2.5
11Erik Lane13793040467D28W16W25L3 2.5
12Oliver Weeks13824326439L9D27W40W29 2.5
13Sam Wallace13793007522W14L4D29W28 2.5
14Bryce Foster13841163422L13D20W27W25 2.5
15Matthew Armour13730783230W34W29L1L8 2.0
16Cameron Gray13723352179W27L11L10W35 2.0
17Sasha Macchiaverna13824332372W36L1L8W37 2.0
18Christian Baker13812350364W37D10D22L9 2.0
19Guenhee Cho13842427458L1W23L21W36 2.0
20Michael McLean13797058294L2D14D35W34 2.0
21Fernando Gonzalez De La Pena13792994500L5W30W19L6 2.0
22Anindu Rentala13822047379W31D26D18L7 2.0
23Jason Yun13824311362L6L19W30W33 2.0
24Carter Casselberry13789881478W7L6W38L5 2.0
25Max Burnett13797105198D35W39L11L14 1.5
26Paul Hoffman13841178520W42D22U---U--- 1.5
27Colin Frame13812323214L16D12L14W38 1.5
28Megan Dae Monroy13826228330D11W38L3L13 1.5
29Baxter Howard13792988236W41L15D13L12 1.5
30Max Wallace13793013191L8L21L23W40 1.0
31Jonathan Hill13812365100L22L34L36B--- 1.0
32Berk Uzuncaova13822032380L4W36U---U--- 1.0
33Vivien Blumofe13789875118L10W37L9L23 1.0
34Nathan Worob13822011100L15W31L7L20 1.0
35William Gompf13789901112D25L3D20L16 1.0
36Andrew Butler13793034123L17L32W31L19 1.0
37Alejandro Gonzalez De La Pena13793055100L18L33B---L17 1.0
38Alec Monroy13826213100D39L28L24L27 0.5
39Seung-Joh Cho13842448100D38L25U---U--- 0.5
40Jun Gi Jung13842433158D3U---L12L30 0.5
41Eliot Kim13822026100L29U---U---U--- 0.0
42Harrison Rozman13812344126L26L7U---U--- 0.0