DCC Championship

2007-2008 Academic Year Championship for Doss Elementary School

The tournament was run exactly like one of the big scholastic events around Austin: it was an all-day 5-round USCF-rated Swiss-system tournament. We had lots of fun: the tournament games were in the library and everyone got to have fun downtime in the cafeteria between game rounds. We followed all USCF rules including touch-move and mandatory clocks when games appeared to be running close to the G/30 time limit. Although players were not required to take notation, it was strongly encouraged.

Prizes were awarded during the next club meeting to all players with a positive (3.0 or better) score as well trophies to our top three finishers:

  1. Jae-Hun Kim
  2. Ethan Schaffer
  3. Niko Weyland
Thank you to David Simmons and Wendy Hunter for providing a pizza lunch and healthy drinks for everyone.

Final Standings as published by the US Chess Federation

#NameIDRtngRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Jae-hun Kim13731498 919W10W4W2W3W5 5.0
2Ethan Schaffer13725364 657W15W6L1W9W4 4.0
3Nikolas Weyland13797070unr.D8W19W5L1W9 3.5
4Joshua Lim13793028unr.W18L1W11W6L2 3.0
5Cameron Gray13723352 234W17W7L3W12L1 3.0
6Jason Newman13723750342W13L2W10L4W11 3.0
7Andreas Weyland13797085unr.W16L5L9W13W12 3.0
8Fernando Gonzalez De La Peña13792994 100D3L9D16W19W15 3.0
9David Simmons13727711 380D11W8W7L2L3 2.5
10Christopher McLean13797064unr.L1W18L6W16H--- 2.5
11Christian Baker13812350unr.D9D12L4W17L6 2.0
12Anindu Rentala13822047 291D19D11W15L5L7 2.0
13Alejandro Gonzalez De La Peña13793055100L6L15W19L7B--- 2.0
14Nathan Worob13822011unr.H---U---D17D15D16 2.0
15Vivien Blumofe13789875unr.L2W13L12D14L8 1.5
16Carter Casselberry13789881unr.L7D17D8L10D14 1.5
17Michael McLean13797058unr.L5D16D14L11H--- 1.5
18Miles Huebner13947223unr.L4L10H---U---W19 1.5
19Cameron Bennett13895787100D12L3L13L8L18 0.5