The Doss Chess Club Ladder System intends to help interested club members improve their play by making it easy for them to identify and play stronger opponents. Within a ladder, each player will be assigned a rung from 1 through 24. The stronger players will rise to the lower numbered rungs.

Rules Summary

  • Players lower on the ladder (higher numbers) may challenge players higher on the ladder.
  • Players in the top 8 rungs may only be challenged by a player within 4 rungs (for example, #8 may be challenged by #9, #10, #11 or #12). Players below the top 8 rungs may be challenged by anyone below them
  • If the challenger wins, the two players swap positions. If the challenger loses or draws, no changes occur. If a challenge is refused, it is treated as a win by the challenger!

Current Ladders

Download the full Ladder Rules