Club Goals - Details

Allow any Doss student to enjoy a game of chess

Physical environment

  • We need enough rectangular or square tables and chairs which are comfortable for playing chess to accommodate all players

  • The location should have little to no outside traffic to ensure quiet


  • We need enough complete chess sets and boards so that all players can simultaneously be playing
  • We need a few chess clocks for those players ready to practice with time controls

Courteous atmosphere

  • All students are expected to respect all other players – whether they are novice or advanced; whether they win or they lose
  • No name-calling, teasing or taunting.No throwing pieces.No yelling.No running around.
  • Students who attend the chess club will play chess during the meeting.All other activities will be taken elsewhere.

Provide opportunities for all players to learn and improve

Segmented instruction

  • Students will be segmented into different groups based upon chess-playing strength
  • Each group will receive instruction appropriate to their current skill
  • We need a demonstration device to enable group attention to a single game or position

Forced pairings

  • The Club organizers will at times assign opponents
  • The more people you play the better chess player you become
  • You learn more from losing than from winning - play a stronger opponent

Game Analysis

  • Studying your own chess games is vital to improving
  • We need chess scoresheets so students can record their games

Instill a healthy attitude towards friendly competition

Individual sportsmanship

  • Chess is an incredibly competitive sport:A child who learns to win and lose well in chess can easily carry that into any activity
  • Players will shake hands before and after the game in show of a mutual respect
  • Winners will not gloat!
  • Learners will congratulate the winner and try to identify one thing they learned from the game

Encourage Playing

  • Players should not be afraid of losing to someone stronger
  • Points will be awarded to each player for every game played to a sporting finish
    • Forced Draw or Checkmate
    • See ‘Individual Sportsmanship’ for player expectations
  • Players accumulate lifetime points to achieve named levels within the chess club

Prepare for tournaments

  • Introduce concept of time control to intermediate and advanced players
  • Ladders and Club Ratings incorporated into regular play
  • ½-day Club tournaments for moderate intensity competition