Dosh Dosh's Technorati Favorites Exchange 

This webpage holds a list of bloggers who are offering Technorati Favorites Exchanges. If you're interested in trading faves, please visit their webpage and participate as well.

For more information on Technorati Favorites and why this page exists, please visit and read Dosh Dosh's Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange.

1. - Gary Lee

Gaming the system with link building exchanges is great for rankings, but what I truly want to concentrate on is building web traffic for this site. A great way to do both is to start a Technorati Faves Exchange with my readers as Maki has done..A added feature that I would like to add to Maki’s exchange is to create a mini-link train.
2. Vinod Live! - Vinod Ponmanadiyil
Technorati is an old favorite of mine , especially as a Blog search engine. I joined Technorati on October 14, 2005. It has been really helpful in finding blogs with similar interests and finding valuable content during research.
3. AskaX World - Andika Kusuma
Back to Technorati again, after testing on how to increase Alexa Traffic Rank, now its time to get traffic on Technorati Favourites eXchange (TFX). Dosh Dosh bring up this topic Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment, I think it worth to test, and I will have the same rules with Dosh Dosh.
4. T - T Jantunen
By adding someones blog to your Technorati favs, you can easily see when that blogs is updated. And by exchanging Technorati Favorites, both blogs will benefit that, your rank in most favorited blogs get higher. It is a win-win situation for both.
5. - Calvin Warr
This is an interesting aside to an already interesting blogging experience. As we all know, the grand-daddy of all blog directories/search sites is none other than Technorati.
6. - Garry Conn
I want to help your site improve it’s Technorati Rank by delivering a quick and easy way for people to find your site, your posts and your pages...I am not charging money or a service fee to do this. This is totally free! I will add your site into my Technorati Favorites if you will kindly do the same for me!
7. Bil2me dot com - William Toomey
The "favorites exchange" that Maki is proposing is certainly interesting. I'm curious to see what kind of traffic can be generated by this type of an exchange as well as what kind of result being "favorited" can have on your blog. Because the exchange is reciprocal you're bound to feel a little bit of the outcome just by participating.
8. Zath - Simon Barker
Technorati attracts a large number of bloggers, who can use it to find like-minded blogs and bloggers and or if you’re simply a reader of blogs, you can find lots of new blogs of interest that are available to you..with my blog here at being just over a month old, I thought it would be worthwhile participating in to try and “spread the word” of it’s existence some more.
9. VersaCreations - Vivienne Quek
This is an interesting aside to an already interesting blogging experience. The grand-daddy of all blog directories/search sites is none other than Technorati. They have added a Technorati favorite, and it seems like it is quite easy to get into the Top 100.
10. - Gary V. Vaughan
Currently slashdot has the number 23 spot in the Technorati 100 most Favorited Blogs List by being favourited 344 times. The bottom entries have been favourited barely 100 times! By participating in Maki’s experiment, I’m wondering if, between us, we can occupy that and the next 77 spots in the list, knocking slashdot off entirely?
11. Blogging for Money - Michael A. Setyaputra
You fave my blog, leave a comment here with your URL, and I'll fave yours! By the way, even if you're reading this post months after it's posted today, you can still fave this blog and sue me if I don't fave you back.
12. Money Consciousness - Nenad
It works like this. Add my blog to your technorati favourites, by using the handy button in the right column, and leave me a comment with your technorati username, and your blog url, and I will add you to my favourites. What could be simpler than that? This way, we both get more traffic to our blogs.
13. Brown Thoughts - Brown Baron
I’m now exchanging Technorati favorites with anyone who wants to participate. Here’s the link to favorite this blog. If you want to join just use the link I provided and leave a comment here so I can add your blog to my favorites as well.
14. Quasi Fictional - Diogenes
By adding someone’s blog to your Technorati Favs, you can easily see when that blogs is updated and both blogs will benefit and get higher rank in most favorited blogs. It is a win-win situation.
15. Foreign Perspectives - Arnold
Whilst we’ve all been beavering away in building up links back to our blogs, it will take a “while” to get to the top 100 linked to blogs as number 100 is currently sitting at over 3000 links. On the other hand, it would only require just over 100 people to favorite us to get into the top 100 favorited blogs which certainly seems in the realms of possibility.
16. Home Based Business - Brian Pratt
Among other things, Technorati “ranks” each blog by incoming links and by how many times the blog has been “favorited”. Favoriting is very similar to using an RSS reader to track latest posts on a blog. When you favorite a blog you can automatically see the latest posts.
17. The Million Dollar Experiment Down Under - Rob St George
This is where we favourite each others Blogs on Technorati under the theory that if you get about 100 or so Blogs favouring you it should be show time - and with any luck you will be pushing the top 100 or so most favourite blogs.
18. Sexy in Red - Norlina
Another benefit that you could get by getting yourself into the top 100 Techorati favourites is it improves your social credibility. Which might be important if you're participating in affiliate programs. Advertisers will see this as gain to them that they're advertising in a blog with lotsa readers. Thus opening more opportunity for your blog if not now at least in the future...
19. JameoTips - ValkrieAngel
This is an opportunity not to be missed, coz you'll get a link back in return too. There are instructions for you at Dosh Dosh where you can follow to build up that Technorati status of TOP 100 MOST LINKED BLOGS, which you've been dreaming of but do not know where to start.
20. I Thought, Therefore I Blog - Bet Shop Boy
I'm all for this type of "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" programmes where bloggers help out fellow bloggers. Needless to say, I've added to my Technorati Favourites, and will systematically exchange favorites with all the interested participants of this experiment. So wait no more, jump on this bandwagon and join in this unique experiment.
21. Make Money Online: Quick n' Easy Way - EJ Cooksey
Anyone can join in this project if you are signed up with Technorati, you have a blog and your blog is not full of spam or copyrighted material per Dosh Dosh's request.
22. MLM Forums online marketing blog - Jens P. Berget
So, here I go. In order to get more readers and a little more people to visit my blog and other very interesting similar blogs, I want to exchange Technorati favorites with you..Well, I hope you just add it if you like it, don´t feel that you have to or anything.
23. Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind - Beth
I’d like to do a similar exchange on this blog as well. It’s very simple, just add my blog as a favorite and I in turn, will do the same. Leave a comment letting me know, or use the contact form. A piece of advice- if you leave a comment more people will see the link to favorite your blog, therefore- more of a chance that people will favorite you. Also, link to this post on your blog, or send a trackback-this will let others view what is going on.
24. QMusings - Mrs Q
I have watched my Technorati ranking slowly increase but other than that, I haven’t really paid all that much attention to Technorati and what it means to yours truly..I’m all for having more readers as well as helping my favorite blogs gain more traffic!
25. NiaTrading Signals - Alex 3071
I came across Dosh Dosh’s blog and he has an interesting technorati exchange experiment. Those that are blog owners and they are many who come here may be interested in the experiment. I will try it here too and would really love to do it with futures and forex blogs .However all blogs are open to enter my own exchange.
26. BlogOp - Chris Lodge
It is essentially a reciprocal exchange of ‘Favoriting’ - if you find the profile of a blog you like on Technorati, you have the option to ‘Favorite it’. Technorati offers a Top 100 list of the most favorited blogs, and to gain access to this, you currently only need to be favorited by 115 people (although that’ll probably soon change!)
27. - Ashish Mohta
Technorati is one of the major blog search engine, content aggregator, social website and ranking system which every blogger around the world is using. Which means if you are there chances of getting linked and noticed are high. I am participating in his experiment to see the outcome which I am sure will be positive.
28. - Yogesh
Although I usually don’t participate in such “experiments” and link exchanges, reading Dosh Dosh’s post had me thinking and I liked the sound of this idea. To top it, I had already bookmarked Dosh Dosh’s blog in firefox so bookmarking it in technorati as well made sense.
29. Shadow Scope - Richard
It doesn't take too many too get to appear on the top 100 list over there and so they are hosting a favorites exchange to help build popularity. It's a pretty good idea. If you have the Technorati Favorites widget on your site as I do at Shadowscope, it also helps with your technorati ranking as well because blogs that show up there show up as linked.
30. TechJunction - Netbizopp
There is an ongoing Technorati Favorite exchange experiment around the blogosphere. I am participating and hoping that my technorati rank will increase. The “favorites exchange” that Dosh Dosh is proposing is certainly interesting.
31. Genius Type - Brian Lee
Leave a comment with your blog’s favorite link at the bottom of this post. Get a favorite button for your blog here. I’ll return the favor by adding you to my favorites (as long as you don’t have a
32. FrugalMomma - Lisa Knight
Dosh Dosh is hosting a Technorati Favorites Exchange. There isn't anything in Technorati's rules about recipricol favoriting so why not! You favorite me I'll favorite you!!!
33. Life Spices - Indra
I just accidentally bumped into a brilliant idea on christyscoffeebreak which led me betshopboy who led me to the originator of the idea…doshdosh. So what is this idea? Well follow these links and you will learn how to increase traffic by becoming a part of the blogging community. Simple!
34. Living Your Dreams - Lee Tuck Sing
This is an interesting aside to an already interesting blogging experience. The grand-daddy of all blog directories/search sites is none other than Technorati. They have added a Technorati favorite, and it seems like it is quite easy to get into the Top 100.
35. My Online Collections - star500k
To obtain this in a fast speed, Technorati is the way to go and this is a Win-Win situation. Because, by adding someone's blog to your Technorati Favs, you can easily see when those blogs are updated and both blogs will benefit and get higher rank in most favorited blogs.
36. How to Earn Money Blogging - Daryl Lau
The whole idea is to swap Technorati favorite among each other blogs and by doing so, our blog will increase in the Most Favorited List in Technorati. The main benefit lies in the potential of gaining more traffic via this ranking list within Technorati and among fellow bloggers.
37. Pentimento - Webduck
You just have to love a guy who is so resourceful and generous. That is Maki at Dosh Dosh, and we are participating in a Technorati experiment with him. "We" as in Chris at Thermal blog and Blog-Op, and of course, anyone else who would like favorite me on Technorati too. We can all benefit from a Technorati Favorites Exchange, can't we?
38. Article Discovery Politics - David Greene
This is an interesting easy to take part in experiment that should help to get your blog noticed. Being noticed and receiving more traffic has to be a good thing, especially if you hope to sell ad space, take part in affiliate programs, or make any money at all with your blog.
39. Rugjeff's Blog about Blogging - Rugjeff
You can add my blog to your Technorati favorites here. After you have added my blog, leave a comment and I will add yours. Easy as pie. The more you give with this experiment, the more you receive.
40. Lack of Money is the Root of All Evil - Kakashihatake
I am looking forward to increase my Technorati rank by offering an exchange, I am willing to favorite your blog if you favorite mine. Start by favoriting I Love Tech & Cash by clicking here.
41. Digital Phocus - Brendan Monaghan
He asserts that, although the top 100 linked to blogs is difficult to break into, the top favorited list only requires your blog be favorited by 115 members. Not too hard, with the right approach.
42. Digital Information Technology - Atul Dogra
We know that technorati has maintained his own top 100 favorited blogs list and those blogs within this list get nice traffic from that . Example : when you login to your technorati account you see all latest post from your blog and from your favourited blogs . Now think if 100 blogs has added you as favorite than your post will be published to 100 account and your blog traffic will also increase.
43. Inklings: The Copywriter's Blog - Walter Burek
Sounds pretty easy to me. All we’re talking about here is: You favorite my blog. And I’ll favorite yours. The easiest way to do this is to click on my Technorati Favorites button near the top left of this page (right above “About Me.”). Or just click this link to Technorati. I’ll keep a check on on my Favorites List and will return the favor, probably within 24 hours.
44. Gauravonomics - Gaurav
While it is really difficult to break into the Technorati Top 100 Most Linked Blogs list, it is easier to break into the Technorati Top 100 Most Favorited Blogs list because you only need about 125 people to add you to their Technorati Favorites list..I am very generous with link love and add all the blogs on my feedreader to my Technorati Favorites.
45. Internet Serious Business - The Troll
At this point I have gotten faved an additional 40 times in the last few days on my other blog already. I try to follow this list around. It is easy to see as you will see the incoming links on your Technorati pages. When i see a link come in for this I just go to that blog and fave it.
46. Romance Tracker - Phil Van Treuren
We’re trying to spread the word about Romance Tracker and our goal of adding more old-fashioned romance to the world, and one of the best ways to help is by creating a Technorati accout and voting to add this blog to your Technorati Favorites.
47. Genus_Loci - John
Merely add my blog as a Technorati favourite, then write a blog post about it (linking to this entry), I'm just curious as to how this form of link exchange in the blogosphere works..
48. - Kyle Eslick
Participating in something like this can get you a lot of Technorati Favorite adds and also meet a lot of new people. Its also a great way to improve your blog’s ranking within Technorati, which will in turn make your site more findable in the long run.
49. - Danielle
I’m sure you’ve all seen a lot of blogs these days asking people to “please add me as one of your Technorati favorites.” Right? Well Gary is taking it a step further and adding a link train to the concept. But before we continue! Read Dosh Dosh’s article on the benefits of breaking the Technorati Top 100 Favorite Blogs and add him to your Technorati favorites, too.
50. Bubba Stuff - Sandee Leong
Anyone interested in joining and hopefully gaining a higher percentage of traffic, do click on my Technorati button and I will have a trackback on that. Plus by visiting Dosh Dosh' site and participating in this experiment, this site's readers can visit your blog to trade favourites with you.
51. Syaf the Geek - Syafrizal Abu Mansor
The main reason for this exchange program is to help each other bloggers in increasing the Technorati ranking and thus gain more traffic. Plus this program does not and I repeat does not violate or against Technorati TOC. As long as your blog is not full of spam or copyrighted material, you are free to join.
52. Manila Mom - Maia Jose
If you just want an exchange of links without having to host the Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange, that's fine with me, too. You can either mention this post in your post, with a link to it, or you can add my site to your links list. Just let me know and give me your link so I can reciprocate.
53. Can't Coach That - Coach McGee
Ah the never ending quest for blog numbers and statistics. Can’t hurt I suppose and if it means a few more webosapiens make their way here to read my rantings and ramblings that would be just fine.
54. UrgentClick - Andy
This seems like an easy way to gain more exposure for blog sites. A Technorati Favorites Exchange is where bloggers who have related blogs can favorite stamp each other’s blogs.
55. - Danny Dang
The always fabulous MsDanielle has tagged me in another link building exchange involving Technorati. If you’re not familiar with link building exchanges, think of it like a big networking party where everyone is exchanging business cards.
56. Blog About Money Online - Alex Bamo
This is why I'm starting a Technorati Favorites Exchange program myself. There's nothing original about that but I figure it would benefit you, my readers. Why? Because of two reasons...The first reason is that the exchange will increase your Technorati Favorite count. Second reason is that I'll link to you.
57. The Pond - Karen
A great experiment was started by DoshDosh to try Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment where we could see how many times we could get faved just by reciprocating.
58. Untwisted Vortex - RT Cunningham
Without reciprocal link exchanges, it can take quite a while to get enough favorites to make a difference. What kind of effect does this have for your blog? It can only help it become more ubiquitous among other bloggers who use Technorati to monitor blog articles. I get a lot of referring from Technorati as it is now. That number can only go up.
59. TeknoBites - Ram
As i started blogging just few days back I am gambling with alexa toolbar to increase my ranking, in the mean time I found there is a technorati favourites exchange is going on in the blogosphere, so why not try that also.
60. The Rojak Blog - Ap0gEE
As I want to simplify it, the main idea is to swap Technorati Favorites among each other blogs. By doing this, our blog's Favorited By list will increase in Technorati. And this ranking will give a great impact in the potential of gaining more traffic via this ranking list within Technorati and among fellow bloggers.
61. - Matthew Jabs
Recently, Maki started an experiment called Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange..This is my personal shout-out to Maki for starting this experiment! I can definitely see the potential for smaller blogs, and I’m happy to be part of this excellent, creative idea!
62. Life Rocks! 2.0 - Nirmal T V
Technorati Favorites Exchange is latest experiment going on in the blogosphere to increase traffic and get more exposure to blogs. Dosh Dosh has started this as “Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment” and I thought would also participating in this.
63. Life in the Fast Lane - Deborah
I will exchange favorites with all of the interested participants in this experiment. I’ve already added Dosh Dosh to my Favorites, and am participating. So what are you waiting for; come and join in on this incredible experiment. You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!
64. Dummies Guide to Google Blogger Beta - Vin
Your Page Rank increases with the number of backlinks to your blog. If there are more blogs with your blog-link and more blogs favoriting your blog at Technorati then it helps.
65. Army Mum: New Jersey - Charlotte
To get on the top 100 most favorited list is pretty easy you only need to have about 115 other people to favorite you. As of right now 61 people have favorited my blog and I have favorited 212.
66. Home Office Women - Doris
I just read about Dosh Dosh’s experiment on Technorati Faves exchange and he did a good overview about Technorati and its benefits. Inspired by his passion to break into the Technorati Top 100, I will be exchanging Technorati Favourites with anyone who is keen on this program.
67. Wampago - Chris
If you want to exchange links with me let me know. by commenting here then I will favourite back.Everyone can add anyone who is asking for a link here, so if you have ten people asking for a link thats ten extra links to you as well once they see you have done the same for them.
68. - Ponn M. Sabra
Since I never Faved anyone before, nor got Faved. I thought “hey…an exchange…now, that’s pretty equitable”..To get on the Top 100 list today, you need over 120 Favorites Members. Now, that’s a reachable goal…and we can help one another get there too. How cool is that!?
69. Bigfoot Sightings - Linda Martin
The goal of the exchange is to help one another up toward the top-100 favorited blogs list at Technorati. This is an experiment to see what effects it has on overall blog traffic and popularity. I’m hoping, by doing this, to help people with Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, or Paranormal blogs, but if you have any other type of blog you can join in too.
70. Online Business News - Tammy Ames
My favorites exchange is open to all bloggers. Now remember, to be part of my favorites exchange you need to have a real blog that is not a spam blog or blog simply republishing from other people’s rss feeds. A real blog.
71. Tricia's Musings - Tricia
The lower your rank, the closer you are to getting on Technorati’s top 100 bloggers list. Now getting on that list isn’t all that easy, but getting on the top favorited sites is a little easier. When you find a site that’s listed on Technorati that you really like you can mark it as a favorite. The more Technorati members that mark you as a favorite site the better.
72. Blog Fyais - iszo
I believe a lot of bloggers have heard about this Technorati Favourites Exchange experiment invented by Doshdosh. It is basically a way you can expose your blogs and at the same time improve your traffic.
73. ShanKri-La - Karthik Ramadoss
This is an attempt to break into the Technorati Top 100 which can only be good for us. It’s simply you favorite me and I’ll favorite you. Maki at Dosh Dosh has explained this extensively and his reasoning is compulsive
74. The anitokid chronikos - Anitokid
Almost everyone I know is interested in promoting their site/s and increasing their rankings. One way that many bloggers promote their site is on Technorati. My good friend, over at Dosh Dosh, Maki, decided to create a Technorati Favorites exchange as an experiment to see if Dosh Dosh could get listed on the Top favorited site list.
75. Random Expressions - Deepak Jeswal
Being a social network site, Technorati obviously offers users to ‘favorite’ each other up. Sophistically put, it means you love that blog and would like to read it very often; crudely stated, it simply means you pat my back and I’ll do the same to you. But the benefit to both is that your ranking on Top Favorited Blog climbs upwards.
76. Keeping Fit is A Daily Battle - Nash Trout
Just a side note here about Technorati–appreciate readers or other bloggers if you could favorite my blog in Technorati, doing so would help you aggregate your reading in Technorati. You will have a summary to read and you would not switch back and forth on reading your favorite blogs.
77. Magical Rose Garden - Magical Rose Garden
Want to participate? Just write a post on your own blog in which you include a link to this post. We've made it easy for you to add The Magical Rose Garden to your Technorati favorites: Just click on the link in the upper right corner!
78. Revvi::blog - Revvi Sudirnoputra
Originally, Maki at Dosh Dosh decided to create a Technorati Favorites exchange as an experiment to see if Dosh Dosh could get listed on the Top favorited site list...I’d like to continue Maki and Gary’s work here by asking you to become part of my own Technorati favorites exchange.
79. Skeet's Stuff - Skeet
I’ll need your help, of course. This is a ultimately all about social networking and you are my social network. If you’re reading my blog, chances are that you consider me something of a favorite. So could you go over there to the left sidebar and click on the Technorati icon down near the bottom and favorite me? And could you let me know that you’ve done that, please, so I can return the favor?
80. Tech Lock Rahul - Rahul
Add to your Favorite by clicking HERE..Just leave your Technorati username and blog's url in comments section..Technorati favorite Exchange program was first introduced by DOSH DOSH.
81. Anja Merret - Anja Merret
What I like about this blog experience, is the fact that something new keeps on popping up that I haven’t heard about or tried out as yet.This is definitely one of those. I have been invited to participate in a Favorites Exchange.
82. Rishiraj - Rishi
Technorati Favorite Exchange is a lot helpful thing for bloggers out there to drive ultimate traffic and popularity. This is also a key to enter the famous top 100 favorited blogs list which is maintained by Technorati. Blogs in that list get great traffic.
83. ::Under the Rainbow:: - [s][e][x][y][i][n][r][e][d]
I know it sounds easy, especially at the time being you only need about 115 votes from anyone to get you into the top 100 of Techorati favaourites. Moreover, top 100 Technorati favourites simply depends on how many votes of favourites that the others fellow bloggers cast for your blog.
84. //Engtech - Engtech
Six months ago it took only 60 favorites to become a Top 100 blog, now it is still a lowly 125 favorites. There are only seven blogs with over 700 favorites on all of Technorati. This is a feature that never became popular..Dosh Dosh’s Technorati Experiment is responsible for at least 300 more people paying attention to the underused Technorati Favorites feature. It is good for Technorati.
85. Mom Gadget - Gayla McCord
It works very similar to a meme — for those who are having trouble wrapping their minds around the concept. Don’t worry, I was right there with you. In fact, it took me a couple of days to actually get it.Regardless, this is a great effort and one that should not be overlooked if you are serious about finding readers and traffic for your blog!
86. Planet Apex - Planet Apex
One uniqueness about this experiment I notice is, it is a win-win scenario for ALL participants and any blogger can participate in it and benefit equally. The more blogs you favorite and link to, the equal number will reciprocate your gesture. Here are the rules for this experiment.
87. Captain Picard's Journal - Jean Luc Picard
Technorati is a massive search engine that makes it easy to find the blogs you want to. By listing them in Technorati Favourites. You can add mine to yours and all my recent posts are there for you to see. When you click me as a Favourite.
88. Table4Five - Elizabeth
I found the list of rules at JMH Techtronics. You can read more about it at Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment. Want to join in? You can read more about it at Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment.
89. Computer Mobile Corner - Santa
This Technorati Favorites Exchange is latest experiment going on in the blogosphere to increase traffic and get more exposure to blogs. Dosh Dosh has started this experiment and I thought would also participating in this, so here are some guide lines to participate in this experiment.
91. Sizlopedia - Sizlopedia
I think its time I should start a Technorati Favorites Exchange Experiment too. Recently I saw Life Rocks and Rishi experimenting with the famous Technorati Favorites Exchange Program strategy to increase their rank and Its not only them to be honest. Whole of the blogosphere has started implementing this strategy and It has definitely proved useful for everyone.
92. Mother's Home - Stine
Technorati is another one, and I've made a start on that today, thanks to DoshDosh's Technorati Favorites Exchange and Garry's Technorati Most Favorited Blogs - both of which I found thanks to RT at Untwisted Vortex.
93. Dox - Rahul
Add to your favorites by clicking HERE.Just leave your Technorati username and blog's url in comments section.
94. iReview - iReview
Come and join me on my ride on Choo Choo Train of Technorati Favorited list..haha! The ride is great, it’s fun and easy. Thanks to DoshDosh for the clear explanation, now I am 18 favorites richer and get few more links from other bloggers. If you are not sure how it works, heads up to DoshDosh to read.
95. My Life - Clsyee
This is another way to increase your blog ranking & popularity. Follow the following steps. Click this icon to add me as your favourite link..Send me a comment to inform me that you've added me. I will add you as fave too in return.
96. My Journey to One Million Dollars - Laura
Maki from DoshDosh came up with this great idea to exchange Technorati Favorites as a way to boost his site into the top 100 list. Why is it a great idea? Because it will help all who participate to expand their readership and provides social linking as well.
97. Ordinary Folk - Mike
The concept is really quite simple. You add someone’s blog to your Technorati favorites list and in exchange they add you. The goal is to find your way into the top 100 of most popular blogs.
98. - Andy Beard
I have just been casually observing what has been happening with a few memes, and one of those is what is happening with Technorati Favorites...It is one thing exchanging favorites with people, that creates some interesting OPML data that can be used for all finds of things, but it is a lot of hard work updating lists with all the people who post comments etc.
99. TechnoDiary - Sahil Gupta has started a new experiment i which they are offerering to exchange technorati favorites with other blogs. The experiment has already recieved an overwhelming response from the blogosphere.
100. SEO Blog at Pixnet - SEO Blog at Pixnet
ä¸ä¹…å‰ç¾Žåœ‹ä¸€å€‹è‘—åçš„éƒ¨è½æ ¼ Dosh Dosh 開始了一個Technoratiæœ€æ„›äº¤æ›å¯¦é©—ï¼Œæˆæžœçœ‹èµ·ä¾†å¾ˆæ£’ï¼Œæ‰€ä»¥æˆ‘ä¹Ÿæ±ºå®šä¾†åšä¸€å€‹åŒæ¨£çš„å¯¦é©—ã€‚åŸºæœ¬çš„æ¦‚å¿µï¼Œå°±æ˜¯æˆ‘æŠŠä½ çš„éƒ¨è½æ ¼åŠ å…¥æˆ‘çš„Technorati 最愛 (Technorati Favorites)ï¼Œè€Œä½ ä¹Ÿå°‡æˆ‘çš„éƒ¨è½æ ¼åŠ å…¥ä½ çš„Technorati æœ€æ„›ï¼Œé€ æˆé›™è´çš„å±€é¢ã€‚
101. SMO Blog - Mark Blair
It is essentially an offer to exchange favorites, but the twist is that Dosh Dosh is also encouraging bloggers to run similar exchanges and then hosting the full directory of them right there on the original blog post. The end result is essentially a giant orgy of Technorati favorites.
102. My Life, My Story, My Passion - Yong Kai Loon
Some of you might think there isn’t any use of being in that list but you are wrong. Getting to that list will make your blog viewed by most Technorati members and thus this will expand your blog readership. In other words you will get improved traffic to your blog.
103. My Affiliate Journey - Vlad
The more bloggers participate in this what I call “Technorati Favorites Race” the tougher will it be to get on the list of top 100 and then there will be of course ongoing competition to remain on that list, specially for the places 90 and down. I guess as with many other things in the blogosphere it is important to get started early on.
104. Real Amber - Real Amber
I recently learn from my friend, Vivienne, that the grand-daddy of all blog directories/search sites is none other than Technorati. She also directed me to read this very interesting experiment going on at Dosh Dosh blog where an ongoing experiment is being run to determine whether or not getting up in Technorati favorites will help a blog.
105. Me and My Net - Anoop Kumar Singh
Technorati Favorites Exchange is one of the best experiment going on in between all bloggers and they are exchanging technorati favorites to increase traffic to their blogs and get more exposer around the blogsphere.
106. Klamath Design - Linda
The goal of the exchange is to help one another up toward the top-100 favorited blogs list at Technorati. This is an experiment to see what effects it has on overall blog traffic and popularity. I’m hoping, by doing this, to help other people who have web design or SEO blogs, but if you have any other type of blog you can join in too.
107. Homemaker Diary - MQ
If you feel like joining this train, click the button below to add A Homemaker’s Diary to your Technorati favorite, and I will add you back in return. If you feel reluctant that I might miss to add you, make sure you leave me a comment in this post so that I can add you right away.
108. The Blog Columnist - The Blog Columnist
So there you go … If you link to me, I’ll more than likely add you as a Fav in Technorati and once a week I’ll be posting links to those that have linked to me … in other words it’s a win/win for all - we both increase our Technorati rankings.
109. Six Degrees of Inspiration - Nicholas Kister
It’s amazing how the buzz gets out and all of a sudden it reaches us at its peak. We wanted to participate in the latest buzz of exchanging Technorati Favorites. Over at Dosh Dosh, they created a Technorait Favorites Exchange experiment. You can exchange favorites as well as see other bloggers who are participating in the exchange.
110. Internet Marketing - Schee
An interactive experiment has been initiated recently by Dosh Dosh to exchange Technorati Favorites. I'm a participant of this exchange campaign. This exchange is open to anyone who owns a blog.
111. Vacilamos! - Ari
Conceived by the folks at Dosh Dosh and further popularized by BetaBlogger for Dummies, and later vectored by Mina's Musings, the Technorati Favorites Exchange is a means to increase traffic on dozens of blogs simultaneously.
112. Mr & Mrs Imran - Mr and Mrs Imran
Therefore, I think I wanna give it a try, as long as I got nothing to lose, why not? Why not uh? Dosh Dosh has previously brought up this topic here Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment and has posted a lengthy explanation of what this is all about. If you guys ask me what it is all about, I wud say “link exchange to increase technorati rank and get more traffic to your site”
113. Mina's Musings - Mina
Ok, so I'm trying to get traffic coming into my blog up again after such a long absence. I heard about a very fun idea on BetaBlogger for Dummies. So, I thought I'd give it a shot.
114. Panda Cube - Aki Jinn
Digital Phocus and Dosh Dosh both have a great article on how you can increase your Technorati ranking. My blog is still less than a month old, I hope this exchange will bring me more readers and visitors. Anyone who has claimed a blog on technorati is welcomed to participate.
115. Lifecruiser - Lifecruiser
You are more likely to receive visitors from Technorati if you are listed in the Top 100 most favorited list.When you find a site that’s listed on Technorati that you really like you can mark it as a favorite. The more Technorati members that mark you as a favorite site the better!
116. SMS Today - SMS Today
Ok, I've been invited to take part in an interactive experiment by Dosh Dosh. The experiment is an exercise involving the use of a Technorati Favorites Exchange...At the core of the experiment is you, I and numerous others adding each others blog to our Technorati Favorites.
117. Creative Design - David Airey
Boing Boing is currently up there in the number 1 spot on Technorati’s list, with the number 100 spot being taken by a blog with 137 members. So I’m not too far off the top 100. Should you wish to give me a little jump start you can add Creative Design :: to your Technorati favourites. I’m not out for myself here though.
118. Jon Lee dot see eh - Jon Lee
Today marks a milestone for jon lee dot see eh as I am currently listed in the Technorati Top 100 Most Popular Blogs!...Being one of the early users on the list certainly helped and now I feel it is my turn to do my part. If you haven’t participated in this link exchange yet, here’s your chance!
119. Nukilan Jejari Azhad - Shaz Azhad
Sila kunjungi DoshDosh di Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive, Successful Blogging di Technorati Most Faved List dan blog-blog lain yang ikut serta. Perkara utama yang perlu dilakukan ialah dengan meninggalkan komen di blog-blog tersebut memberitahu anda telah mendaftarkan blog mereka dalam Technorati Favorites anda dan mereka akan lakukan perkara yang sama kepada blog anda.
120. (exceptional) - Jon
This idea came from Dosh Dosh were a similar exchange is going on (if you act fast, you can get in on it too). There is also a list of others participating in fav exchanges.
121. Arts & Stuff - Susan Borges
Is it fair to earn Technorati favourites this way? Fair or not my thoughts are if you want to get some reward for all the work that is put into a blog, go for it and get a higher ranking with Technorati!
122. Sapphire Knight - Sapphire Knight
Also, others that have added me as their favourite are my regulars. Whoever you are, I have returned the favour accordingly. It is always good to make new contact and friends from all over the world. As I always said in my articles, traffic building is not an easy task and is not hard either. If you are just starting out, it takes time before people will discover you.
133. Shakeroo's Gold - Shakeroo
Technorati Favorites Exchange is one of the best experiment going on in between all bloggers and they are exchanging technorati favorites to increase traffic to their blogs and get more exposer around the blogsphere.
134. The Making of an Internet Entrepreneur - Maria
Our clever friend Maki over at Dosh has come up with an ingenius way to improve your Technorati ranking. He's titled his experiment Dosh Dosh's Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange and it's catching on like wildfire.
135. Domestic Divapalooza - Angela Llewellyn Stevens
With this combined effort, many are breaking into the Technorati Top 100. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would love to be there. This is a great effort and one that should not be overlooked if you are serious about finding readers and traffic for your blog!
136. Business Sanity - Susan Martin
There's also another way to do this, by joining in Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange. According to Dawud, a number of bloggers have seen huge increases.
137. The Thinking Blog - Ilker Yoldas
Now here is something to benefit everyone involved. Gary Lee started a new meme called the Technorati fave train after reading Maki's Favorites exchange experiment outlining the importance of breaking into the Technorati Top 100 most favorited blogs list. I've been invited to jump on this train and I think it is worth thinking about.
138. - ketyung
There has been a pretty hot wind blowing over the blogosphere, i.e Technorati’s favorite exchange. Doing this will surely give you a big step ahead for pushing your blog’s Technorati ranking. I’ve seen quite a number of blogs doing it before but I never bothered to take part in it.
139. - Tech Livez
So finally i have decided to take part in the latest buzz going around in the blogosphere which is Technorati favorites exchange experiment.. This experiment is first started by DoshDosh and is worth participating if you want to increase your blog exposure or ranking.
140. Ms Latina Renee Enterprise - Latina Renee
Ms. Latina Renee Enterprise, LLC was invited by Maki at DoshDosh for a blog link exchange, and to participate in an Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange. Here's how it works. You Fave our blogs, and we'll fave yours in return.
141. Design Adaptations - Charity Ondriezek
An interesting idea from DoshDosh came to my attention today, and it sounds like a great way for many bloggers to benefit simultaneously... In this case, it’s a program where anyone who participates has the opportunity to gain exposure and increase traffic by leveraging the power of Technorati Favorites.
142. Online Diary - Venu
Increase in the favorite count will have a effect on the Technorati ranking of the site and hence might improve the traffic to the site over the period of time. In spirit of this experiment I am also extending the Technorati Favorite Exchange.
143. Square Cookies - Square Cookies
Having nothing to write as blog entry (tra la la) I decided to tag along. Like what’s been repeated over and over again, you fave me, I fave you, and so on and so forth. So I guess I’m in, huh?
144. Sleeping Princess - Jocelyn
Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment is an appealing idea. No harm trying right? So, I fave you, you fave me, we exchange technorati fave ok? Let the good karma go round..This is my first time doing something to directly bump my blog a few notch up the blogdom, so be nice, you add me as your favourite in technorati and I’ll add you.
145. Shankar's Tech Blog 2.0 - Shankar
This is the latest experiment going on in the blogosphere. We've got to exchange faves to get more exposure. This was started by Dosh Dosh. I came to know about this via many including Techlivez and Rishi Raj.
146. Diet Recipe for Everyday - Cherry
Basically the idea is you add me to your favorite and I will add you to my favorite. It will be a win-win situation and both of us will get higher rank. It's a clever way to build up traffic and get subscribers.
147. Technacular - Vikas Sah
Technorati rank is very popular in the blogosphere and thus it becomes a prestige thing. But besides that lot of advertising tools use this rank as a parameter while evaluating your blog for cost/per link of advertisement.
148. Kabatology - Kabatology
Naturally after having quality posts the next step is to promote it using tools like MyBlogLog , Technorati and others. Link building exchanges is great for rankings, for web traffic and the Technorati Faves Exchange with readers is a great start.
149. Filipino Entrepreneur - Manolito
If you own a blog and want to increase your chances to be favorited in technorati, there is a site that make exchanging favorite possible. It’s in Dosh Dosh’s. Although I’ve built static or html websites in the past and the old exhange links technique I think this kind of link exchange strategy will do very well in blogging. So if want to increase your links in technorati too.
150. Intensive Care for the Nurtured Soul - Hueina Su
I've been invited by Anja Merret to participate in a Technorati Favorites Exchange. It is an experiment started by Dosh Dosh to generate sufficient votes to elevate the blog into the Top 100 Favourite blogs on Technorati. Technorati is a blog search engine, content aggregator, social website and ranking system.
151. The Reviewer - The Reviewer
Dosh Dosh wanted to start a technorati link exchange. This is so a bunch of bloggers could check out and exchange favorites with other bloggers. It also allows for bloggers to see your stuff and for you to check out theirs. It also will up our favorites on Technorati, which is always good for us bloggers.
152. IndiaPR Blog - hobbithob
This is an experiment and a good one in which I am willing to seek out if it can be successful. Or maybe just a game for fun. So likewise, if any blog favorites this blog or link to it or both, and leave a comment on this post, I will reciprocate. The only exception will be to spam blogs and porno/hate sites.
153. Show me the Money - Gerri
Anyone can join in this project if you are signed up with Technorati, you have a blog and your blog is not full of spam or copyrighted material per Dosh Dosh's request.
154. Blue Sky Brothers - Greg Meares
Using Technorati to gain more exposure for your blog just makes sense. There has been a test going around for some time, (I originally learned about it from Dosh Dosh), that uses the fav’s in Technorati to help lift your overall traffic, by pushing your blog up in the ”top 100 favorite blogs.”
155. Reality Wired - James
What does making this list buy you? Credibility for starters and mostly prestige, but it can also serve to expand your readership. It provides a mean to gain additional traffic and a number of backlinks which in turn will benefit your SEO and positioning in the search engines. The more backlinks the higher the PR potential your site will have and that will open a host of doors in your effort to make money online.
156. A Blogspate - Juliet Pain
Hi, if you are participating in this Dosh Dosh experiment and would like to exchange favorites/favourites/ or have already added me and are waiting for me to reciprocate, then please leave a message here. I am pretty meticulous in checking out my list each day or two and in returning the favor/favour, but if I have overlooked you, please let me know.
157. El Gigante Verdoso - BlackWyrm
As most of you will already know, Technorati is a blog search engine, and anyone who wants his/her blog to get a high exposure needs to get a high Technorati Ranking. After reading Dosh Dosh's Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment I decided it would be beneficial for my blog to start a Technorati Favorites Exchange.
158. The Hidden Guide - spidro
This is fastest way to join the exchange program. Favorite my blog by clicking here and then please leave your Technorati username as well as a similar link to your blog in a comment.
159. Built Heritage - Built Heritage
By adding someone’s blog to your Technorati Favs, you can easily see when that blogs is updated and both blogs will benefit and get higher rank in most favorited blogs. It is a win-win situation.
160. WIGOB at Technorati. - WIGOB
You can find What is going on, blog at great places like Myspace, MyBlogLog and also Technorati. To announce WIGOB's presence at technorati we are having a technorati exchange right here at WIGOB. You may have heard of exchanges like these from Dosh Dosh or other blogs. All you have to do is sign in to your technorati account (or create one now) and favorite my blog, then leave a link to favorite your blog in a comment here at this post.
161. Margin SXS - Kathleen
MarginsXs is exchanging Technorati favorites. Dosh Dosh, is also doing the same.If clicking on the above link is your first time to Dosh Dosh, I hope you enjoy and benefit greatly from this great marketing blog!
162. Technorati Experiment - Creative Team Thinking
How can you help? Make THINKing one of your most favorited blogs by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. Please leave your Technorati username as well as a similar link to your blog in a comment. I’ll come back and favorite your blog in return. My Technorati name is hhoover, so you’ll know I lived up to the bargain. Let’s get favorite.
163. Exchange Everything Technorati Favourite Link Exchange - Tech for Novices
This is "inspired" from Dosh Dosh’s Technorati Favorites Exchange Experiment but mainly for novice bloggers or bloggers who have just started to blog. Please note this is an experiment.
164. I’m Into Technorati Favorite Exchange - Mobile eBooks
Basically, its as simple as you’ll add me up as your technorati favorite Add to Technorati Favorites and I’ll return the favor by making you my favorite also. My technorati username is myglitch. Please indicate to your comment your technorati link. For newbies on social bookmarking like me, this would be a big help.
165. Very Fast Technorati eXchange By OnlineEarns - OnlineEarns
It is not new system but you have to consider that everything is new to newbie. By the way , this eXchange system is founded by doshdosh and really it is a very effective way to increase your Technorati Rank .
166. Technorati Favorites exchange - African American (Black) Opinion
It is a simple Technorati favorite exchange. We want to see if it’s possible to boost our African American Opinion Technorati ranking and yours with this simple approach. Everytime a blog like yours or mine is favorited in Technorati, it’s rank will increase. Check out a similar Technorati Exchange at Dosh Dosh. 166.