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License Check Fix

Frequently Asked Questions about the License Check:
  • Help! I got a message saying "License Check failed, Cycle Speed is limited."
This error can be easily solved by clearing the Android Play store
cache and then re-downloading the DosBox Turbo app. You will not need
to purchase it again, the Market remembers your purchases.

To clear the Android PLAY store cache, follow the steps below:
1) Tap menu/settings from the home screen.
2) Tap applications
3) Tap manage applications, and firstly uninstall the DosBox Turbo app
that gives the error.
4) Next find app Google Play Store (on older versions of Android, it is just called PLAY) , tap it then clear data/cache.
5) Next restart the Google Play Store.
6) Next re-download and install the DosBox Turbo app, when launching
the app for the first time please ensure your Android device is
connected to the internet (WIFI / 3G), this will ensure the license
check can be made and saved in your cache.

The important thing is to make sure you are connected to WiFi or 3G after you
download DosBox Turbo again.