DOSBox Distro - A LiveUSB Linux Distro which boots directly into DOSbox


*NEW DoSBoX Distro BETA release*

New Highlights in BETA release:

 - now using the \dosbox folder in the root directory of the USB drive as the place to copy your DOS games.
 - added a quick demo of DOSBox Distro's abilities, use the command: dbdmenu
 - added a simple webbrower (QtWeb) for some quick web browsing, use the command: www
 - added an APPSTORE to browse some common shareware/demos/utils, use the command: appstore
 - added mnthelp to assist you in mounting additional drives within DOSBox, use the command: mnthelp
 - added streaming internet radio, use the command: iradio
 - media playback via mplayer, use the commands: playvid, playmus, stopmus
 - added zdoom engine and games,  use the commands: zdoom, zheretic, zhexen, zaction2, zstrife
 - added eduke32 engine and game, use the command: eduke32
 - added sdlquake engine and game, use the command: sdlquake
 - added irc support via irssi, use the command irc
 - added bbs support via telnet, use the commands: bbs, telnet
 - added freeware dos programs for calculator, calendar, image viewing, image editing, music playback

What is DOSBox Distro?

Hi, DOSBox is basically the best thing to happen to DOS gaming in the last 15 years. It's an application ported to many different operating systems which performs a near perfect emulation of the dos environment. IMO, it's most important feature is the near zero configuration Sound Blaster emulation. It's difficult to get Sound Blaster compatibility on most modern hardware / and operating systems. No soundcard manufacturers are writing DOS drivers anymore, and most motherboards dont have ISA or PCI slots anymore. Another benefit would be the ability to use USB joysticks, certainly very little support for those in dos. DOSBox saved retrogamers from this nightmare. What DOSBox Distro seeks to do is make DOSBox portable. Just plug in the USB, restart the computer and select BOOT from USB*, and in a few seconds you will be greeted with a DOS prompt.

How to Install DOSBox Distro onto a USB Flash Drive:

*this may require changing some BIOS/UEFI settings but most motherboards offer an option to press a key and change BOOT device at startup.

Here's how you can set this up (Instructions for Windows Users):

Download Rufus -                A utility used to 'burn' the ISO image onto a USB stick.

Download DOSBox Beta ISODirect Download from Google Drive   

1) Open Rufus and select your USB drive. Select Create a Bootable Disk using ISO, then select the DBD_BETA.iso. Should look like this: (screenshot still shows old Beta3 at bottom)

Double check the entries being pointed at in the image. The Filesystem must be Fat32, the Label name must be: DOSBOX_BOOT, you will want to burn it as ISO, and double check the ISO name at bottom.

2) After RUFUS completes the ISO burning (it will be fast) then you have to copy your DOS GAMES to the USB drive, assuming you dont want to just start at a DOS prompt.
Copy your games to the \dosbox folder.

3) If your going to test on the same computer, Reboot it and select the USB drive as the BOOT device (may require entering BIOS/UEFI).

4) If everything went right, in a few seconds your looking at a dos prompt, enjoy your games!