Dortia is an interactive backgammon game where you can...
  • Play backgammon against a real opponent, who plays using... his own hands, observes the game and comments on it
  • Play in natural backgammon boards and feel the ambience of the place you are playing. 
  • Throw the dice in any direction, with a simple drag of your finger across the board, and feel like throwing a ...real dice

  • 2 backgammon variants, Portes (Western backgammon) and Plakoto (Tapa) 
  • Opponent commenting in English (classic Greek immigrant) and Greek (classic Greek "magka") 
  • More than 400 comments and sound FXs per language 
  • 5 natural backgammon boards 
  • 3 different background ambiences 
  • Realistic dice throwing experience 
  • Natural dice rolling movement 
  • Opponent hands! 
  • Game statistics 
  • Game for one or two players 
  • Pause / resume game functionality 
  • Visual helps in checker and point selections (can be disabled) 
  • English / Greek menus 
Get an idea through watching the following video...