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Letter to Members and Prospective Members June 2009

Well we did it! The Dorset Parent-Carer Council is officially up and running. Our third meeting ratified our Terms of Reference and Mission Statement and even the name of the group. I am delighted to be elected as the Chairperson and amongst other things, hope this will lead to the opportunity to have coffee with John Nash, the Director of Children’s Services at Dorset County Council, to let him know we are here and that we have a voice. (Update: This meeting has now taken place.) That voice is yours, but we need parents to register with us, to show that they want to be part of this. We are inundated with forms I know, but by registering you will give us a strong database to work with and the strength of numbers. We are looking also into ways of communicating effectively with everyone. So many families are isolated by area and probably their child’s disability too and we are very mindful of this. To gather and give out information to our parents / carers and to the services who work with and for our children, is also an important part of the group aims, so please sign up. Welcome then to everyone. We will be in touch soon.” Lesley, Chair

You can contact Lesley at lesleymellor@sky.com

Christmas Letter to Members December 2009

Dear Parents and Carers,

 The Committee of the DORSET PARENT CARER COUNCIL would like to wish all its members


We would like to take this opportunity to let you know that during the last 6 months the DPCC has carried out a huge amount of work on behalf of you, its membership.  Our committee members have formed important links and the DPCC are now represented on a large number of working groups and local authority committees.  We are pleased to inform you that we are now recognised as having an active role in the decisions and policies affecting our disabled children.  In January 2010 we will be circulating our next newsletter.  This will contain further, more detailed information about the groups we are working with.  Please don’t forget we really need you to let us know what services you would like to see improve as well as those that are working well.


Lesley Mellor (Chairperson)

Elaine Okopski (Vice Chairperson)


Please Join Us!

Members will receive invites to meetings and events, as well as regular newsletters reporting on the activities and achievements of the Council. You can download a Membership Form here or e-mail our Membership Co-ordinator.