2nd March 2012

A 2nd DRAFT of Community Pain Service is now available here. Your comments are welcome by Friday 23rd March 2012.

17th January 2012

 “Following public, clinical and managerial engagement in the form of group meetings, meetings with individuals, local surveys and questionnaires over the past 18 months regarding the needs of the community, the draft service specification for a Community Pain Service is now available for public consultation until Monday 6th February 2012. Please follow the link below to have your say” Community Pain Service Review

1st June 2011

Report in Bournemouth Daily Echo about stopping chronic back pain 

15th April 2011

 A discovery by scientists at the University of Nottingham suggests optical illusions may help those with arthritic pain.  More research is planned to determine the effectiveness of this type of pain relief.  Mind tricks may help arthritis

15th April 2011 

Oxford University scientists are using a new neuroscience where imaging demonstrates the subjectivity of pain including Neuropathic Pain which can show the different impacts of medicines. Neuroscience Pembroke College