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Team Dorset composite team in 2018.  

A Meeting of the TD Competition Committee, planned for September 7th., 2017, had to be postponed.   Some e-mailed discussion reached a unanimous conclusion that the Team Dorset composite will continue to offer superior competition to its members' athletes into 2018.   The necessary EA form was completed, signed off on Sunday, Sept. 10th. and sent.   (Deadline for re-applications was Sept. 30th.)  

In 2017 Team Dorset consisted of athletes from Dorchester AC, Poole AC and Wimborne AC.     They competed in the Southern Athletics League (for u17s and above), finishing 3rd. of the 16 clubs in Div. 3 SW. and will stay in that division in 2018.     They were also in the UK Youth Development League (YDL) Upper Age-Group (UAG for u17 and u20), where they finished 6th. of the six clubs in South Division Premier 2A and were relegated to South Division 1B.   In 2018 (subject to confirmation at the YDL AGM) this will be a division of only five teams, the others being Brighton, Southampton, Chichester, and the composite of BAC and NFJ.   Finally, in 2017 Team Dorset competed in UK YDL Lower Age-Group (LAG for u13 and u15), where they finished 4th. of the seven clubs in Southern Division West 1.    Thus they will remain in that division in 2018, joined by Chichester, WADAC, Kingston, Horsham, and Guildford and Godalming.
TD were committed to fielding teams at 13 matches during the 2017 season, and staged one UAG match at Poole on Sunday, July 23rd. plus a Southern AL match at Poole on Sunday, May 21st.   In 2018 this will be reduced to 12 since there will be only three UAG matches.   The hosting of matches is yet to be confirmed.  (As at Oct. 26 2017)

Final 2017 League tables for Dorset Clubs.
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