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Dorset County Records listed annually since 1998.
The current Dorset County Athletics records were only available from 1998 to the end of 2009.  (See attached file.)   Also there were gaps for the years 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006.   These records have gradually been brought up-to-date but it was a painstaking process.   If you would like to submit performances for consideration for inclusion in the updated records, please send them to mtfurse@madasafish.com.   Please supply the following details:- the event, your performance, your name and club, and date, venue and name of meeting.   Mike Furse welcomes any constructive comments or corrections to what has today been added to the record herewith.  (See attached file dated 08/02/20 which carries information up to the end of 2019.)
Before you submit those details, please see the relevant note below concerning the eligibility of performances for inclusion in the records.   The archived file of records will be updated as those for further years become available and are processed.

Eligible athletes are those who may compete in the Dorset County Athletics Championships by virtue of their place of birth or through nine months residence in a permanent domestic abode within the boundaries of the current County of Dorset, as existed at 1st. Jan. 2008.   NOTE: Athletes eligible to compete in the Dorset County Championships solely on the basis of their attendance at a school or higher education establishment or through their membership of the military services ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for consideration for these records.

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