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About the Association - Brief history

Welcome to Dorset County Athletics Association's Website.

The Association aims to promote, organise, and host Athletics competitions for athletes within the County of Dorset in track and field, combined events, cross-country, and other Athletics disciplines.  We arrange, support and promote attendance at regional and national championships.   This website is intended, amongst other things, to provide important information about championships being attended and hosted by Dorset.   New site live on November 15th. 2016.

The Association was established in 1984 and is supported by England Athletics and Team Dorset Athletics Network.  Prior to 1984 the Association existed as the Dorset County Amateur Athletic Association and the Dorset County Womens' Amateur Athletic Association.   

In company with the rest of the world, in 2020 UK suffered infection, lockdown and death from the new virus COVID-19.  As a result UKA banned all Athletics activities, including face-to-face training, competitions,  workshops and courses until April 30, then extended to May 31.  As of today (April 6th.) with clubs' actions suspended and Leagues either cancelling their whole season (e.g. UKYDL) or cancelling the bulk of their matches, any competition which can be offered to the athletes, even in the form of local, friendly matches, will be invaluable for recovery and progress.