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In my practice I work with individuals to explore their psychic world; we use dreams, imagination, memories of current and past experiences, as well as the feelings, thoughts, and sensations of the moment, to intuitively grasp new connections and meanings that bring a greater sense of wholeness and centeredness to the experience of life. We start with whatever situation presents itself--depression, anxiety, a sense of meaninglessness, even just curiosity--and follow where the psyche, its symbols, and emotions lead us.

I have a particular interest in the connection of psyche and spirituality, and in exploring the psyche through the use of art in its many forms. I am interested in the connections between the heart and psyche, body and Spirit, including "the wounded heart" and "the opened heart," in essay, myth, image and spiritual tradition. My thesis, "The Sense of the Heart," explored these connections.

--Dorothy Campbell, M.N. 
  Diplomate ISAP {International School of Analytical Psychology} - Zurich 
  Member, North Carolina Society of Jungian Analysts { NCSJA} 
  Member, International Association for Analytical Psychology {IAAP}

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