Doros Polydorou was born in Cyprus, where he lived most of his life. After his two years military service went to England where he began a long journey of education.

He is a multi-disciplinary hybrid, combining both art and technology skills, which he believes are necessary in order to survive in the new media world. He studied Multimedia Design and Technology and was awarded a BSc from the University of Kent and an MSc in Computer Animation from the same university. Continuing, he moved to London where he started studying under Prof. Johannes Birringer, writer, choreographer and director in the School of Arts, Brunel University.

He has completed his PhD in Digital Performance, where after four years lost in the chasm between the artists and the scientists has developed Emmeleia : A platform that can incorporate interactive real time 3d visuals in a stage performance or installation. It is a platform made for artists and is using a camera vision system, sensor technology and a game engine.

During this time he did extensive work on Game Engines, Arduino boards, Processing, wireless sensors, Max/Msp and camera vision systems. He has worked on a Vicon Motion Capture system, has taken lessons on Scenography, has debated the value of Interactivity in live stage performances and has understood the importance of aesthetics. He has worked with dancers, with live music composers, sound engineers, costume designers, stage designers and an assemble of other visual artists. He has traveled to Germany, Tokyo, Slovenia and Singapore, where he worked for 4 years. 

After completing a residency in the Mixed Reality Lab, in the National University of Singapore (as part of a collaboration he initiated between Brunel and MXR) he has been employed by the Art, Design and Media School in Nanyang Technological University. There he worked under robotics artist Louis-Phillipe Demers on a top secret multi-screen, audiovisual installation. 

Currently, he is a visiting lecturer at the Cyprus University of Technology

For more information about my work, please see my TEDxNicosia talk by clicking here.